March 2021

  • Childhood Friends to Lovers (CFTL) short story
  • Overtime release
  • A Change in Season (SK8, Renga)

January 2021

WIPs: WGC canon (released AU version) and more!

December 2020

November 2020

Update 11/05: The Burdens We Hide —Two young men from opposite worlds might find they have more in common than they previously thought… or is the sex just that good?

  1. Planned for Tapas and Neoread
  2. This title will be eligible for the subscription plan (more details soon)
  3. SNFW version ONLY
  4. NSFW options underneath previously mentioned subscription plan

October 2020

Divine Corruption— An angel and vampire at odds, but not when it comes to what gets them off💦

  1. Completed on Tapas
  2. SNFW version ONLY until 100 subs

UPDATE 11/05: You can find the NSFW chapter version here (there’s a treat, so make sure to check it out, and please leave comments and/or ratings💝)

Blue Lagoon—Follows a shut-in vampire who must have complete control and obedience from his feeding partners😈

  1. Posted on Tapas every day at 3:30 PM US-EST until Halloween
  2. SNFW version ONLY until 100 subs

To thank all those that subscribed to Divine Corruption, here’s a treat— a preview of the book cover of Blue Lagoon🤭: