The Burdens We Hide (SFW)— Chapter III


… to a new nightmare. It was Aoto, bag slung unevenly over his shoulder and a workbook in his pale, thin hand.

“Um, uh, h-hello,” Chūshi felt on fire but desperately tried to ignore the sirens ringing in his head. “I’m Chūshi Oshiba, it’s nice to meet you.” He held out his hand.

This is just a job. You’re doing this to get dad off your back so you can’t screw this up. Whatever he says about yesterday, just stick to tutoring and get through it.

The Burdens We Hide (SFW)— Chapter II

“Yes, I do.” Aoto didn’t bother looking around, prey already in sight. He pinned the bartender under his gaze. “Are you a top?”

The bartender’s large hands fumbled with the glass they’d been holding. He managed to save it from shattering on the ground before placing it down. “You can’t be serious kid.”

“Look, can you do me or not? I’m already prepped.” 

“… I’m thirty years old, kid; way too old for you.”