The Scent of Matcha Blossoms— WIP

It was supposed to be a nice dinner where they could unwind over a few glasses of fine wine and sample the local French cuisine. Instead, they got lost somewhere along their itinerary, and ended up at this small, hole in the wall restaurant. The carpeted floors clearly need a good cleaning and that alone makes Sakurayashiki Kaoru glare at his companion. 

“We’re going to be poisoned if we eat here, just what the hell are you thinking?”

Nanjo Kojiro shrugs. “I have a good feeling about this place; you didn’t smell the delicious aroma when we passed by?” He clicks his tongue. “I told you to leave all the food stuff to me, and not that machine you like to carry around with you.”

A scoff. “Carla is smarter than you, you ape.” 

He hopes the other man leaves it at that, anything to avoid discussing why he couldn’t smell what’s so clearly the smoky scent of cooking meat. Kaoru is barely hanging on by a thread, having started his heat a few hours before. 

He scratches at the skin on his hip that his tattoo covers as the hostess leads them toward the back of the cramped restaurant. The only person that knows about the tattoo’s existence and what it covers, is the alpha now holding out a ratty chair for him to sit. 

During his heat, that particular patch of skin tingles and burns, reminding him of what almost was. The only good thing to come from his partial marking is he can push through the symptoms for longer in the event he doesn’t have his suppressors. 

Times like tonight. 

He again curses his luck as he shuffles his yukata to sit. His arousal makes a warm spot at the front of his underwear and he knows the backside will follow soon enough.

But if that idiot finds out… He shudders from revile and anticipation at the thought. Kojiro is usually too perceptive and now the brute of a man has taken the place of the Alpha that abandoned him. But, if given the chance to be with Shindō Ainosuke again, Kaoru will gladly jump at it. 

Maybe I should ditch the brute to call—

“I thought you were famished,” the alpha that always gets in his way says, gesturing at the table that miraculously is filled with food. “I promise you’ll like it!”

“Shut it already,” Kaoru snaps, reaching for his glass of water. 

He suddenly feels parched and doesn’t want to drink from his wine glass in risk of looking indecent, and because it will immediately go to his head in this state. Which will most assuredly lead to Kojiro making advances he can’t turn down. 

“Here, try this.” A fork with a steaming chunk of darkened meat, covered in a sauce the color of honey mustard, but much thinner in consistency, is suddenly inches away from Kaoru’s mouth. 

“What do you think—” The meat melts on his surprised tongue, the tangy sauce combining with the smoky flavor to create something Kaoru has never tasted before. 

“Told you it was good, four eyes,” Kojiro smirks. He uses the same fork to stuff his face with three pieces at once. 

When he eats, he looks more like an oversized chipmunk. The observation makes Kaoru smirk as he swallows. “I don’t need you to feed me, I’m capable of doing it myself.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” The alpha says it around a mouth now full of potatoes. 

Kaoru takes his fan he always carries and reaches across the table to smack the side of Kojiro’s head. “You could at least try to act civilized when we’re in public.”

“Does that mean I can act uncivilized in private?” Kojiro’s eyes shimmer with mirth as he takes a sip from his wine glass. 

Kaoru manages to not choke on the food in his mouth, glaring at the object of his constant ire.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He flashes that smile that he gives all genders which stirs Kaoru up more. 

“Don’t go deciding things by yourself, you brute.” This time he can’t help but take a small sip from his wine glass, even if it means he’ll be dizzy for a few moments after. “I meant all the time.”

“But you don’t seem to have any complaints when we—” 

Kaoru throws a roll in the other man’s direction, scowling. But, the damage is already done. In his sensitized state just the suggestive undertone of his companions’ words pulls out memories of just how uncivilized Kojiro can be when they are alone. 

Kaoru takes several bites from the plates between them to ignore his racing thoughts. Each is more delicious than the last, and the rich flavors trickling down his throat have the opposite effect than he intended. After all, it’s the alpha eating mindlessly across from him that taught him a delicious meal can be foreplay. 

The half-mark stings as Kaoru shifts slightly and he realizes just how much of a mess he’s become. 

I should have gone back to the hotel. But instead he challenged Kojiro into finding a place to eat that rivaled the three star restaurant Carla made reservations for before they lost their way. He felt the symptoms then, but didn’t think it’d escalate so quickly. At the very least he thought he would make it back to the hotel before becoming a sticky mess down below. 

“I thought you were hungry.” Kaoru stiffens and can’t help but look up to see Kojiro staring right at him, eyes shining like honey. “Or did you mean that you hungered for something else?”

Damn it! Kauro looks away again. Somehow, the other man knows he’s in heat. And now that Kojiro knows, there’s only one way the night will end. And, to make matters worse, there was a hotel reservation error so instead of two rooms with queen sized beds, they share a single room. With a king-sized bed. 

“My stomach is simply disagreeing with the food.” Kaoru makes a show of taking a long drink from his glass of water. “As I knew it would.”

He knows he’s in trouble when he catches those smoldering eyes and knowing smirk on thick lips. Any attempt at posturing flushes down the drain as his heart rate picks up speed double time, and sweltering heat course through his body. 

The scent of the ocean breeze and wild cherries overpowers the food and Kaoru’s hands clench at the fabric of his yukata. 

“If you tell me the truth I’ll give you what you want, four eyes.”

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