SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 9: Teacher/Student [Matcha Blossom]

Title: The Slime Killer and His Underlying

Total word count: 1,990

Tags: sudentxteacher, age difference, bullying, dirty talk, violence, blood, high school, angst, muscles, first love, gangs, first kiss

Background: If you have not read/watched Hitorijime My Hero 1) you should ASAP and 2) this fic follows loosely the beginning chapters/episodes of the series. You don’t need to know the series to understand the fic, but it makes some things clearer.

Kojirō and Kaoru in this fic start out as strangers, where Kojirō is known for “beating straight” delinquents. At their initial meeting, Kaoru is a part of a gang (run by Adam) that Kojirō the “Slime Killer” ends up going after. Though he is not successful, Kaoru is taken with his strength and asks to be his underling. Because there is a twelve year age gap, Kojirō is roughly in college but abruptly cuts off contact. Kaoru goes back to the gang in his absence, only for Kojirō to show up three years later as Kaoru enters high school.

(If you enjoy this fic even a tad then you’ll LOVE Hitorijime!)

Part One: A Spark

“If I were to fuck you, you’d break in two.” Nanjō Kojirō lifts his dangling cigarette and takes a hit before stamping it out on the ground. “So, you should just give up.”

Sakurayashiki Kaoru doesn’t know what to say. Just seconds before the warning bells had clanged in his head, his conscious screaming for him to flee. Now, silence. He knows that his mouth is hanging open but he’s literally frozen. Dumbstruck. And so, so, embarrassed. Kaoru had thought he’d been shielding the light from the torch he carried for the infamous “Slime Killer” all these years. It wasn’t like he, an underling, planned to fall in love with his senpai; they’d met by chance after all. 

Back in middle school, Kaoru would often spend his time after classes with anyone willing to let him tag along. He didn’t really care who and what they ended up doing, just as long as there was someone else beside him. Only around others did the anxious voice inside him quiet. He could fill his thoughts with whatever the others were doing or saying. Match his facial expressions and words to fit in. But the other kids had parents that worried about when they got home. So, often by 23:00, he was alone again. It was brutal every time and it was probably what made him such an easy target for Adam and his crew. 

It had been fun at first of course; staying out until the sun began to peak over the horizon, eating junk food by abandoned railway tracks. Kaoru could forget what (wasn’t) awaiting him when he eventually stumbled home tired. For once, he had friends that wanted to hang out with him, listen to what he had to say. Everytime Adam would show up a few blocks away from the school waiting for him after school filled him with a decadent warmth that he quickly got drunk on. On him. 

Then, as if someone had flipped a switch inside Adam, Kaoru became more of a lackey. Instead of waiting for him after school let out, Kaoru was expected to meet Adam and the others at the skate park a mile away with only ten minutes for travel time. If he was late, Adam would act as if he didn’t exist for the rest of the day. He naturally started cutting his last class to make it on time, and received Adam’s beaming smile as a reward. 

The errands in comparison weren’t that bad. Get a pack of smokes. Deliver notes to other members of the gang. Food duty. Doing all these things meant that Adam would keep flashing him that smile, keep relying on him. But, when Kojiro-san had come back to teach math his first year of high school, Kaoru kept his distance. The disappointment he’d seen in the older man’s eyes when he caught him cutting class had made his chest ache and his stomach churn from shame. 

Since then, he’d resolved to leave the gang again and had been ignoring their calls for a few weeks. He cut out the only people that gave him the light of day for his senpai’s approval. The same senpai standing in front of him now, cigarette casually dangling from his lips, as if those lips hadn’t just uttered something so cruel in how true they were. 

It was the only explanation for why he felt like throwing up, and his cheeks were so hot he swore he could see them steaming in his peripheral vision. I think I’m gonna faint… His brain short circuiting meant too much time passed and the window for denying it closed. Anything he said now would sound like a lie. So, he ran. 

It didn’t matter that his stuff was still at the Nanjō residence; he’d have Hiromi bring it to school tomorrow. Shit, math tomorrow, what am I gonna do? He didn’t want to face Kojiro again and the day after this humiliation was a lifetime too soon. Just as he was lamenting, his phone chimed, altering him of an incoming message. And by the text tone, it was Adam. Not the upper level lackeys this time. 

If you don’t reply, I’ll be forced to come and pick you up from school.

Somehow, Kaoru’s heart both sank and soared at reading the message. Adam had never texted him before, well not since he re-joined his little “gang” after his senpai had left. Adam’s words were a tad concerning, but the trauma of his senpai realizing he had the hots for him resurfaced and he reached for the lifeline. 

I’ll meet you at the convenience store around lunch time tomorrow.

Part Two: That Ignites

Skipping school had been easier than Kaoru thought. The exchange period to lunch had the right amount of traffic for him to slip toward the back entrance of the school undetected. Usually, he’d try and catch Kojiro-senpai in the teacher’s room, but not today. Not ever again if he could help it. He knew largely that avoiding the older man until he graduated was damn near impossible, but he sure was going to try

“I’ve missed seeing this face around,” Adam cooed, petting his cheek with a gloved hand. “You’ll be coming along with us tonight.”

Kaoru opened his mouth, ready to protest because of the math test the next day, but shut it again, nodding instead. Who cared about that class? That man? It was clear from what his “senpai” said that he wasn’t wanted. But here, amongst these “hoodlums” he was good for something. They wanted him around. 

Adam patted his head a little roughly before turning on his heel, leaving him with the list of items to buy for the crew. It was long, would be hard for him to carry in one trip, and way more than his allowance. Damn it, gonna have to pocket some stuff. Kaoru had quit stealing around the same time he first left Adam’s gang; Kojiro-senpai hadn’t liked it, and said that no pupil of his was a thief. But I’m not his underling anymore. 

Kaoru bumped into the glass doors of the convenience store, hearing the men chuckle off to the side. I’m not Kojiro-senpai’s underling anymore…  The very thing he had been rejoicing over seconds before now settled heavily in his stomach and taking another step forward seemed incredibly difficult. It was finally hitting him that all the years he’d put into becoming the perfect underling to the Slime Killer were for nothing. In fact, he’d fallen over himself to do everything the older teen had said at the time. And remember what that got you? 


Without a word as to when Kojiro would be back. Much like how he left, Kojiro came back in a similar fashion, but expected everything to be the same. For Kaoru to be the same. If he were being honest with himself, he wished he were how was before, back when he thought his heart thudding in his ears was only out of admiration. It had been easy then for Kaoru to explain away his increasingly odd reactions to Kojiro, but with his desire thrown so crassly back into his face…Don’t think about it! He slapped his cheeks, earning a questioning look from the clerk. Kaoru flashed the older man a scowl and finally started shopping. Now wasn’t the time to think about this. In fact, there was never a time to think about it. But the ache that had nestled in his chest spread further and the corners of his eyes stung. When he finished, Adam flicked him upside the head.

He’d mistakenly read beets as beef.

Part Three: In the Night

Kaoru’s head felt like it was on fire. The left side of his face throbbed, and blood dripped from a gash at his right temple and ran to the side of his mouth. He licked at his lips, hissing from the pain as he conveniently remembered his lip was split. But none of that really mattered, because the Slime Killer had a knife through the palm of his hand, and was standing in front of him, protecting him. The attack had come from Kaoru’s blindspot, and from the last person he expected would attack him. Kikuchi Tadashi was a quiet young man, and had only talked to Kaoru a handful of times. Out of all the members of Adam’s gang, he appeared the least threatening. Apparently he’d misjudged him.

“Don’t let me see your face again Kaoru,” Adam spat, wiping his gloved hands as if they were dirty. “And you, Mr. Slime Killer… leave me and my boys alone, and we’ll leave you alone.”

“You got it.” It was a swift reply, and Kojiro effortlessly yanked the knife out. “But I’ll be keeping this for my troubles, you understand?”

Don’t threaten the guy, you brute! Kaoru had only seen the “Slime Killer” in action once,  way back then. He’d thought he just dreamed up a scary Kojiro, but goosebumps rippled across his forearms at Kojiro’s deceptively amicable tone. His muscles bulged underneath his dress shirt, and his tie had basically fallen off. Kaoru hated himself for it, but he couldn’t help but notice that during the scuffle, some of Kojiro’s buttons had popped off, revealing wisps of chest hair. 

“…Fine.” And Adam and his men were gone. Leaving them alone in the empty warehouse. 

Kojiro’s shoulders released all their tension and the knife clattered to the ground as he stumbled forward. Kaoru managed to soften his fall, the breath leaving his body from the weight and his own relief setting in. They were battered, but alive. And he wants me around… Kaoru forced the thought away. No, he’s just here because I’m his student, and it’d be bad if I died and people found out that he knew where I was! 

“Are you… alright?” The voice that had sounded so threatening just moments before was softer, weary almost. “I can’t believe you—”

“I’m fine Nanjō-san. But you, your hand…” Kaoru reached for the bleeding limb but paused. It’s already enough he has to lean on me, I’m sure he doesn’t want to touch me more than he has to. Plus, what if I hurt him more. 

“So formal? And after I just saved your life?” A tired laugh. “My underling’s become a little feisty, hasn’t he?”

“How did you know?” 

Kojiro had stormed into his apartment what felt like a lifetime ago, face flushed and slightly out of breath. He’d started rambling about feelings, and how they were always changing, and as he reached for Kaoru’s face, Adam had waltzed into his apartment like he owned the place; apparently he’d been calling looking to use Kaoru to find the Slime Killer. 

“I didn’t; just so happened that I, uh, realized I needed to tell you something.” A deep breath. “More like, clarify something.”

“There’s nothing to clarify,” Kaoru snapped, pulling at Kojiro’s sleeve until it ripped. Taking the cloth, he wrapped it around the wound. “Plus, we should get you to hospital right away.”

“But I—”

Kaoru jostled him in his lap purposefully, smirking when Kojiro let out a hiss of pain. “We’ll talk after I get you to the—”

Kojiro’s lips were full and soft, tasting of blood and cigarette smoke. It’s how Kaoru had imagined Kojiro would taste, but not in a million years did he think he’d get to experience kissing him. Up close, Kojiro felt even more massive than he looked, his large arms and sculpted chest surrounding Kaoru completely. He felt like his head was swelling as Kojiro deftly worked his tongue into his mouth. As a complete and total virgin, Kaoru had no experience kissing and froze up, his tongue stiff and unresponsive to his probing. 

“Don’t you get it, Kaoru.” Kojiro’s eyes shined like jewels in the moonlight. “I want to break you in two.” 

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