SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 8: One Night Stand [TadaAi]

Title: A Dog is Nothing Without its Master

Rating: Mature

Total Word Count: 3,946

Tags: Stalking behavior, dubcon, public sex, threesome, hurts so good, prostitution, whoring, pay for sex, verbal degradation, degradation, eventual consent, innocent desire, pet play

Tadashi was finding it harder and harder to maintain his distance. 

One night, which felt like years ago but was really only three months prior, he’d been making his way home from work. He worked under a temperamental man who had little regard for his personhood so by the end of a work day, all he could think about was food and sleep. Despite being worked to the bone every day, he didn’t make much, and he lived only a street away from the local “redlight district.”

His day had been so taxing that he’d blindly taken a left rather than right, bringing him past the bars, strip clubs, and infamous brothel; and he’d bumped into something hard that smelled of musky sex and cinnamon. 

Tadashi had then come face to face with the man responsible for changing his life as it was. 

The stranger had been wearing an elaborate curved eye mask, stark white with the edges shining like liquid fire under the fluorescent street lamps. Electric blue hair mussed up, he assumed with the help of gel, made the stranger even more imposing. Lips covered in red sneered down at him before flashing into a false smile. 

“And just who do we have here?” An eloquent voice, though high in pitch. Undoubtedly masculine though. 

“Like a lost little lamb,” another voice sounded, this one more feminine. 

“Excuse me,” Tadashi muttered as he looked down at his feet, hoping to move around them. 

“More like a little dog, don’t you think auntie?” 

A cold, thin finger was suddenly at the underside of his chin. It lifted his head with ease so that he gazed into those narrowed eye slits. Unable to look away, Tadashi noticed glittering eyes peeking through, though he couldn’t make out their color. 

“How about I—”

The mysterious man’s companion had suddenly gripped at that mountain of hair, yanking so that his finger fell away from Tadashi’s skin. The skin the stranger had touched tingled and he couldn’t resist the impulse to rub it. 

Aht, aht, aht! Remember ADAM, only for the customers!”

The magnetism of the moment broke and Tadashi had felt his exhaustion hit him once more. 

“Have a good night.” With a small bow, he’d walked around them and all-but ran home. 

And then, proceeded to take the long way home whenever he worked over time. It had taken days, but eventually he saw the masked stranger, ADAM, again. Keeping his distance, he’d watched ADAM light a cigarette in a shaky hand before stamping his feet. 

It was then that Tadashi had noticed the clothes he wore and his eyes narrowed in confusion. 

He’s dressed like one of those… bull riders? He knew there was a word for it and vowed to look it up later.

The ADAM’s suit jacket was jeweled and sparkled with rubies, the shoulders stretching up and out into dramatic points. The pants were skin tight and looked to be mostly leather. From the side though, there was a strip that sparkled like the suit jacket, and his shoes were just as pointy as his shoulder pads.

On anyone else, the outfit would have looked ridiculous. But on ADAM, it was like the clothes were made to fit him. 

Usually, the masked man wouldn’t be alone for long. His magnetism seemed to attract people from all walks of life, and Tadashi noticed that ADAM never seemed to turn down their affections. 

Watching the same scene play out time and time again began to wear on him. And now, months later, he was finally stepping foot into the club ADAM loitered around. 

It smelled of licorice and alcohol in the dimly lit hallway. At the end stood two burly men on either side of the railing to a staircase leading downward. He’d come prepared with his ID and a wad of bills. 

The bouncers didn’t look at his face too closely when comparing it with his ID and roughly stamped his hand. 

“No re-entry.”

That’s all? 

He’d been expecting to be given the rundown of the rules. Not that I’d consider… 

The walk down brought him closer and closer to thumping music and cheers. It felt like being knowingly hypnotized; anticipating nothing to happen and then suddenly everything becomes hazy. 

There weren’t as many people as he expected, though enough for him to melt into the background. As he suspected, it was a strip club with a stage in the shape of a “T” in the center of the room. The only lights come from the flashing ones on stage, and the music made the empty glasses at one of the tables near him rattle. 

The frenzied atmosphere fit ADAM even more, and Tadashi scanned the floor looking for signs of the matador anywhere. 

And now ladies and gentleman, what you’ve all been waiting for!!!” The voice over the loudspeaker took on a Latin accent. “Your favorite hero of the stage, able to take the horns of any bull! The one and only…”

Here the announcer paused, letting the modest crowd work itself into a frenzy. Tadashi leaned against the bar and his hands broke out into a sweat. For some reason it felt like a first date, and the quiet man couldn’t help but feel nervous. 

A-D-A-M!!!” The crowd somehow grew louder and their shouts echoed painfully in Tadashi’s ears. He almost missed the rest of the masked man’s introduction. “ADAM, The Matador of Looooovee!” 

All the strobe lights cut off and the crowd that had been screaming its head off went as quiet as a tomb. 

Tap, tap, tappity tap! 

Tadashi instinctively knew it was those pointed shoes that ADAM seemed to wear every night. Flashes of violet and stop sign red suddenly flashed and served as backdrop. Though his body was in shadow, ADAM’s fluid movement could be distinguished easily enough. 

How does he move like that? 

It was even more mesmerizing than standing in his presence. The ease in which his hips swayed to a soundless beat, the tantalizing sound of fabric movement and shifting. Tadashi had never experienced something so sensual in his life and he felt something inside him start to defrost. 

Hellllll-oh my dah-lings!” 

I’m not going to be able to hear tomorrow. Tadashi considered covering his ears, but didn’t want anything to deafen ADAM’s presence. 

“I’ve got quite the show planned for you all but first…” ADAM waltzed across the edge of the stage, making his heels click with each step. He made a big show of raising his arms up and placing both hands, spread wide over his chest. “I think it’s a little hot in here…”

Tadashi jumped at how quickly ADAM went from wearing a full matador suit to just his pointy leather boots, skimpy underwear, and his mask. It must be one of those tear-away suits… 

Tadashi had never seen one in real-life before, but he doubted they were usually made of such high-quality material. Whoever runs this place must be rich, really rich. Yet, when he looked around, the club was what you’d expect a club in this district to look like; faux leather seats where some had the stuffing spilling out, dark floors with sticky spots here and there, and the stench of sweat, stale sex, and cigar smoke baked into the walls. Yet, they could afford to keep someone as magnetic as ADAM, who was turning around slowly in a circle to the whistles and catcalls. 

The masked man had well-defined muscles, his biceps flexing slightly with each movement as he twirled around one of the metal poles running from the stage to the surprisingly high ceiling. ADAM had taught tits, round and well-defined that clenched as he lifted himself off the stage and into the air. Spreading long, toned legs into a wide V. ADAM defied gravity and seemed to keep rotation in a circle so that Tadashi got a view of a heart-shaped tattoo that started at ADAM’s lower back and ran underneath the skimpy underwear. 

Did he choose that or is that their brand? Tadashi didn’t know why the answer to that question seemed important, but it caused him to look around the place again quickly in search for signs of a club logo. Not finding one, he quickly looked back on stage and bit his tongue so hard blood squirted into his mouth, metallic and runny. 

Sure, he’d known what ADAM most likely got up to in the wee hours of the morning. Afterall, he’d seen men and women fondle him out on the street, often grabbing a sloppy kiss before ADAM would lead them away, down the side alley. The first time Tadashi had admittedly been a little naive; he assumed that ADAM was leading them to the dressing room or maybe the club had a special room for their “special man.” What it turned out to be shook him to the core and broke something inside him. 

That night it had been someone older, his toupee flying off his balding head from thrusting into ADAM as Tadahi rounded the corner. The old man had either hand on the brick siding of the building, his hips jerking into ADAM, who jerked his hand up and down his dick furiously. His moans were loud enough to echo in Tadashi’s head, but discrete enough to not call attention to them. 

“Fuck this ass like you mean it old man!” It was then that ADAM’s head turned and Tadashi was a beat late in hiding behind the corner. 

Did he see me? The anxiety from being found out distracted him from the boner that was making his pants feel two sizes too small. He’d never contemplated how men had sex with each other, much less seen what another man’s penis looked like, erect or flaccid. His stomach had turned at the initial onslaught of imagery; the elegant creature he’d been watching being defiled by someone who looked like he could barely keep it up. But hearing ADAM’s high-pitched moans and how wet his dick got as his hand movement increased went straight to his groan. It had robbed him of his faculties and only left the strong desire to be in that old man’s place. Balls deep inside the mesmerizing matador. 

Teach me, he’d thought, clutching at his erection once he was home, out of breath and leaning against the front door. He couldn’t recall a time in his life where he’d been that aroused before, and he’d jerked off in the entryway of the apartment, only coming to his senses feeling his cum cool and harden on his fingers. 

So, seeing ADAM on his knees with someone’s cock in his mouth shouldn’t have surprised him. On some level it didn’t, and he felt himself pop a small boner in response. It was the fact that everyone was seeing it. And it was clearly a regular part of ADAM’s routine based on audience reaction. The amount of money floating in the air was almost obstructing Tadashi’s view but he vaguely wondered if that was a good thing as another man joined the stage. It was clear where things were going, and though Tadashi could feel himself growing harder and harder, the urge to leave grew. 

A sudden hush fell over the crowd once more as Tadashi was lowering his baseball cap, ready to leave. Against his better judgement, he looked back up at the stage. The man that had been thrusting into ADAM’s greedy mouth stiffened in that tell-tale way and came with a loud sigh that seemed to echo off the walls, underscored by the sound of ADAM’s obvious swallows. In a fluid motion, ADAM fell back into the wide chest of the second man on stage, his boner obvious and a coy smile on his red-stained lips. He made a show of licking his lips and the man behind him put his hands on those sultry hips. 

“Who’s next?”

The cheers were deafening once more, yet somehow managed to get even louder as the underwear were ripped off. It was only a minor reprieve to Tadashi that ADAM wasn’t entirely naked; he still had something covering his cock, though just barely. It has to be a thong, but a super small one at that. 

Tadashi had never understood the damned things or their appeal, but as ADAM made a show of grinding on the second man, exposing his toned ass that his back tattoo trailed down to. That ass was almost enough to get him to stay, but seeing ADAM materialize something shiny and silver between his fingers sunk that ship and Tadashi turned to go. 

“And just where do you think you’re going?” It’s one of the bouncers from earlier. “You don’t leave until the boss says so, got it?” The bouncer grabs his arm and effortlessly drags him toward the very thing he was trying to avoid. “Here’s your front row seat.”

The crowd had parted for them and Tadashi found himself being thrown into the center-most chair. He was close enough to smell their arousal and hear how wet ADAM was. Though he couldn’t bring himself to make his eyes focus on what he was seeing. Plus, he’d seen it enough times by then. But being up close was sensory overload which surprised him and made the desire that had been building inside him threaten to spill over. 

Something grabbed his chin forcefully, biting into the skin there, yanking his head up. Again, looking into dark slits with something glittering in their depths. “This show is for you perro, so please do watch, don’t even blink.” And he did. Tadashi sat there and watched the man he was pretty sure he was in love with open himself to anyone with enough money (it seemed). 

He came untouched and messily into his underwear when some of ADAM’s cum splattered onto his pants. It was the final part of the whole “act” and Tadashi’s throat felt so dry he didn’t think he’d be able to say a word even if he wanted. He desperately needed a drink, but he refused to stay there a moment longer. Any ideas he’d had about what could be if only he just said something had shattered and all Tadashi wanted to do was go home and wash off this whole thing. Though he knew he’d never be able to forget the matador. 

“Meet me outside in ten minutes, puppy boy.” ADAM appeared in front of him again over the stage’s edge, a sardonic smile on his face. “And do try to clean yourself up a bit.” That cool hand with slender fingers rested on his face softly yet moments later, he was gone and Tadashi’s cheek burned from being slapped. 

Wha…? He was hard again and couldn’t believe that ADAM wanted to meet him, of all people. However, as he walked to the bathroom to “freshen up,” he realized that ADAM must have noticed him watching from afar all this time. Which was embarrassing, even more so as he used scratchy toilet paper to wipe away hardening remnants of his orgasm. The masked man hadn’t even had to touch him. And when he had, it had been to strike him. Though it wasn’t a serious slap, it was enough to leave his cheek feeling hot and the initial sting had gone straight to his groin. Since meeting ADAM, Tadashi was learning a lot of new things about himself, and he wanted ADAM to teach him more. And let him be the one shoving his cock down his throat. 

It was an intrusive thought, one that made him stiffen up again and he cursed his bad luck. He didn’t have time to rub one out. He had a feeling if he left ADAM waiting, he’d take someone else home and he’d never get another chance, and he couldn’t have that. Tadashi threw the toilet paper in the trash and washed his hands with cold water, the chill working to wake him from the haze of lust threatening to wrap him up. For all he knew, ADAM could be leading him to the police and demanding a restraining order against him. That thought was enough to scare his boner away and he walked out of the bathroom reluctantly. ADAM was a wildcard, but the thrill that Tadashi had come to associate with him was too tempting. 

The masked man was standing off to the side as per usual, though this time there was already a car waiting and it looked like a fancy one. Tadashi couldn’t help but feel like he was going to dirty the car, and ADAM’s charismatic laugh made him jump. 

“I’ve done filthier things here, no worries love.” Though his words were meant to be reassuring, jealousy rushed through Tadashi and he wanted to know just how many. For some reason, even though he’d gotten a close and personal look at the life that ADAM lived, being reminded that he did things off stage too made his heart twist painfully in his chest. Was Tadashi just going to become like the others he so casually referenced?

“Well, hop in doggo!” ADAM slapped his ass hard, the flesh of his left cheek stinging from the impact. “It’s your job to obey.”

Tadashi wanted to ask who had given him such a job, but ADAM pushed him along into the backseat of the car, sliding in behind him before slamming the door shut. Ah well, what does it matter anyway. I’ve never done this before so maybe it’s better if he takes the lead? It didn’t matter if he were being honest with himself. ADAM could tell him to show his ass on the side of the street and he would if it meant he could stay in his presence for just a bit longer. 

“Would you like something to drink?”

Before Tadashi could answer, a glass was at his lips and burning liquor filled his mouth. He had no choice but to swallow for as long as ADAM held the glass to his mouth. He felt those eyes boring holes into his face from behind the mask. He wondered if ADAM would keep it on the entire night and felt unsettled at the idea. He wanted to know more about the man he’d been watching for so long, most importantly seeing his face. Tadashi wanted to get closer and closer to ADAM and it was a new feeling, a desire he’d never felt before. 

“I’ve always wanted a pet.” ADAM laced the word with meaning, though Tadashi could only stare at him in bewilderment. 

Does he want me to buy him a dog? 

Those cool hands landed on the sides of his face again, squeezing so his cheeks puffed up. “You are just too cute.” And then that smirking mouth landed on his in a surprisingly gentle kiss. His thick lips effortlessly worked Tadashi’s open so that his tongue could easily snake its way in. The kiss brought back Tadashi’s erection with a vengeance and embarrassment made the pleasure bittersweet. He had decided during the “show” that he didn’t want ADAM to view him the way he did his clients; Tadashi wanted ADAM to see him as something… more, something essential. He knew that ADAM would put him in the disposable category if he thought all he wanted was sex. 

“You’re a terrible kisser, you know?” The laugh that rippled forth from ADAM made Tadashi’s feet tingle. “Not just a dog, but a mutt!” Another laugh, but just a tad sharper. 

“L-let me try again ADAM-dono!”

Both men jumped, as if struck over the head by some invisible force. Tadashi didn’t know why he said what he said, but it felt right and he wanted to try again. Anything to not be seen as a “mutt.” Yet ADAM still said nothing, his face seemingly frozen. 

Did I offend him? Tadashi didn’t see how but got ready to apologize anyway. 

“Use your tongue more.” It was a command that he wouldn’t want to disobey anway, and Tadashi leaned forward to kiss ADAM’s lips again. 

As instructed, he used his tongue more, rubbing it against ADAM’s. It felt even better this time, though sloppier and the wet sounds made Tadashi’s head feel light. He worried where all of this would lead, but he knew he couldn’t hide how much he wanted whatever ADAM was willing to give him. 

“We’re here.” It was said loudly, and reality crashed back into Tadashi all at once. He was making out with a man he’d never seen the face of in the backseat of a car, and seconds away from orgasming in his pants due to said kiss. This isn’t— 

Tadashi grabbed ADAM’s shoulders, the sequins digging into the flesh of his palms. A thin trail of saliva still connected them and he was loathe to break it, but did so with a yank of his head. “U-um thank you for the… but, goodnight!” Tadashi somehow managed a bow before reaching for the door handle. 

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” All the heat from ADAM’s voice was gone, leaving something cold and piercing instead. Tadashi felt a hand wrap around his forearm tightly, squeezing. “I said I wanted a pet.”

“I can get one for you…?” It was the only thing Tadashi could think to say to get ADAM to let him go, but ensured that they could see each other again. He’d treat it as a re-do, and make it clear that he just wanted to know more about him. But why am I so determined? 

Tadashi had never gone out of his way in his entire life. He followed every rule and was what anyone would call a productive member of society. What he’d been doing the past couple of weeks went against the principals he’d subconsciously made for himself. 

“You really are a funny little mutt aren’t you?” ADAM somehow managed to get out of the car with Tadashi in tow, though he resisted. 

“B-but I’m not a dog…?” Tadashi was so confused by the obsession with dogs that he didn’t process the shiny marble floors ADAM dragged him across, nor the staff in three piece suits bowing as they flew past. 

It wasn’t until the elevator doors closed that he realized they were in one of the most expensive hotels in the city. But then, he wasn’t paying attention to the sparkling gold around them either. ADAM had taken off his mask, and the face that stared down at him was so overwhelmingly handsome that his mouth dropped open. 

Under the flashing lights, Tadashi had been able to see just how fair ADAM’s complexion was, but his face looked like a porcelain figurine. Winged persian blue eyebrows, a sharp nose, and cut jawline that reinforced Tadashi’s feeling that ADAM was beyond all others. But it was those ruby red eyes, intense and wide boring into him that trapped him. 

“Don’t you get it?” His voice was deceptively sweet, and Tadashi knew well enough that he should be weary of being able to see his face so openly and with little warning. He pulled at Tadashi’s collar and lifted slightly so that they were eye to eye, their noses brushing with each breath. “You’re my dog, and as a dog, you can’t disobey your master.”

“I-I don’t get what you—”

“Like this isn’t what you wanted,” ADAM hissed, ruby eyes darkening to the color of wine, “watching me all this time, following me and my… clients.” 

“That’s—” ADAM tightened his hold at Tadashi’s collar, effectively cutting off the rest of his sentence. 

“Dogs can’t talk back, can they?”

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