SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 14: Gloryhole [Matcha Blossom]

Title: A Chance at Glory

Rating: Explicit

Total Word Count: 2,383

Tags: gloryhole, secret, blow job, delayed orgasm, deep throating, secret whore, early orgasm

For the first time in Kojiro Nanjō’s life, the well had run dry. 

All the numbers with emojis saved in his phone either went straight to voicemail (blocked) or someone answered, claiming they didn’t recognize the number. Even going to clubs didn’t yield much of a result so he’d stopped going to them altogether. He wasn’t a good dancer by any means, and the less he made an ass of himself, the better. Maybe it was because of the holidays, with the weather getting cold, it meant that everyone was shacking up, even the ones that swore to “never be tied down.” Not that Kojiro was one of those. He believed that there was someone out there for him, but it could take half a lifetime to find them, and why should his balls shrivel while waiting? 

But it looks like they might anyway. Maybe it was pathetic, but Kojiro didn’t think he could handle going a full month without having sex at least once. He had three more days before Christmas and then before he knew it, it would be January. Then February. And then, he’d be old, remembering the “good ole days” where he slept with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted. 

Okay, no need to be hysterical! Kojiro continued his walk, ignoring the people that bumped into him; he was a big guy after all, and the sidewalk was even more crowded than usual. If it had been any other time of year, he might have missed what a group of men were muttering about in front of him. But, being almost jam packed as they came upon the stop light made it easy for his ears to catch the words, “sucks like a pro.” 

There were three of them, and they wore what typical businessmen wore: three piece suits, ties, and pointed shoes that glimmered under the street lamps. The one that had just spoken held a white card to his lips and Kojiro swore he could smell fresh cherry blossoms. “It took me months to get one of these!”

“You must be hard up for chicks!” The speaker’s companions laughed, jostling the man. They were stopped at the sidewalk, waiting for the walk sign to switch to “on.” Kojiro watched as the card was moved to a pants pocket. Now, or never! 

He got in closer to the man and carefully reached for that pocket, doing his best to look as inconspicuous as possible. He cursed his thick fingers as he did his best to pry the pocket open. Just as the crowd started moving he grasped the card’s edge between his two fingers, successfully nabbing it. He couldn’t resist bringing it to his nose.

It does smell like cherry blossoms! The card up close wasn’t white, but a light shade of pink. In black text, there was a date, time, and address, but nothing else. Must be a high end call girl… Kojiro didn’t mind paying for sex, but his ego prevented him for doing it often. Though in this case, he didn’t pay for it. And from how thick the card material was and how slick it felt to the touch, it probably would have cost him a month’s salary. Score! 

Looking at the address again, Kojiro realized it wasn’t too far from his apartment. In fact, haven’t I been here before…? The street was a commercial one, though there were two storefronts that drew crowds both for their services and because of their regal appearance. Kojiro was sure this address was for the calligraphy “house.” 

Shortly after he’d opened his restaurant, the calligraphy house had undergone renovations, and business went from squat to booming, bookings filling months in advance for their services. He’d managed to squeeze in before business really took off; he had been hired for his first catering gig and wanted to go above and beyond with the menu presentation. 

The manager, Kao-something?,  sported soft pink hair tied in a delicate braid down his back, wire-rimmed glasses, and a no-nonsense look about his face. They’d been cordial enough, but Kojiro had felt something simmering under the surface from the manager. And how some of his customers stared at him when they’d walk to and from his office was odd, one even reaching out and grabbing for the manager’s backside. He’d noticed the movement in his peripheral, and Kojiro hadn’t known what to make of it. When they’d parted ways with a handshake, Kojiro had been struck by the strength of the manager’s grip and that his surprisingly sharp nails dug into the top of his hand. He’d chalked it all up to the manager being another “eccentric” and gone about his business. But is the calligraphy just a front? 

Kojiro laughed the thought off, the pointed face of the manager flashing in his mind. There’s no way a stick in the mud like that would be covering an escort business! He looked at the card again and felt his heart lurch inside his chest when he realized that the date was that night, and began in fifteen minutes. He had the feeling if he were late, there wouldn’t be another chance. I hope my clothes won’t make me stand out too much… He was coming home from work, his apron covered in splotches of sauces and other ingredients, and he knew he smelled of Italian spices and sweat. 

There was nothing he could do about it now. Since the moment he’d snatched the card, his dick was at half-mast. If he didn’t go through it, he’d be back to scouring old contacts like a has-been. Mind well made up, Kojiro pressed on and added a little pep to his step. He didn’t want to risk being even a second late. Luckily, he managed to arrive two minutes before 22:00. The outside lights were on despite the hour, though the inside appeared dark; during the day you could see into the establishment. 

Well where else am I—

“Psst!” Kojiro looked to the right, seeing someone’s shadow off to the side, but not the person. Most people would tread lightly, some even choosing to go home; Kojiro however could bench press over three hundred pounds and was a little too horny to care about his well being if it meant he could fuck. “You newbies are always the same, follow me!

Kojiro did as he was told, eventually coming face to back with an average sized man. He could tell the redhead was younger than him by his smaller build. A gloved hand reached out and Kojiro handed him the card. In the shadows he couldn’t see the young man’s face, but figured everything was fine when he started walking once more. He did so with an air of grace, back straight and steps measured though they were in the alleyway beside the building. But even the cramped alleyway, it was clean. Yup, this would have cost even more than a month’s salary. He watched the assumed worker of the calligraphy house open the backdoor with a flourish and smile before ushering him in. 

Again the smell of cherry blossoms wafted over Kojiro, and the shiny hardwood floors reflected the soft pink lights evenly spaced on the narrow hallway walls. Whatever he’d stumbled into was something out of an old film and he felt more stirrings in his lower belly. For all this fanfare, they have to be the real deal! And nothing was better than amazing sex after a draught. 

“Wait here; if anyone passes by, tell them you’re waiting for the restroom.” The redhead bowed slowly and Kojiro bowed his head in thanks. Briefly, he and the employee made eye contact, and Kojiro swore he saw mirth in those brown eyes before the young man turned away. But, that didn’t matter now that he was in front of the door. Fuck, he didn’t tell me when I’m supposed to go in! 

Looking at his watch, Kojiro saw that it was 22:00 on the dot. He tried the doorknob, a brassy ornamental looking thing, only for it to be locked. Taking a risk, he knocked on the door twice, putting his ear close aftward. Still nothing. Kojiro tried the doorknob again, shocked when it twisted.

What the…? He didn’t dwell on the weirdness for long as the door revealed… a shoji panel that ran from wall to wall, an elaborate design of a cherry blossom tree across the various panels. Somehow the paper looked like frosted glass and he could just make out the outline of someone’s figure. 

There was something spicy in the air in addition to the signature scent of cherry blossoms, and soft instrumental music played. Kojiro’s eyes were drawn to the design stenciled onto the shoji panels, and at the center of the tree trunk was a hole. One that looked through to the other side of the shoji panel, giving him a glimpse of pale flesh. Is this…? Kojiro had heard of places like this, but thought they only existed on university campuses and pornos. Not in the back of upscale calligraphy businesses. 

“My mouth is waiting.” The voice was adrogenous, yet sounded musical. And… familiar? It was enough to pump the rest of blood to Kojiro’s dick however, clearing his mind of anything save for undoing the button and zipper of his jeans. As he got closer to the hole in the shoji, Kojiro noticed a small table in the corner with a box of wipes and a small stack of condoms. He wondered briefly if “his time” would call for his needing one, but assumed from what the voice had said, it was a blowjob only. Bummer. 

He became suddenly self conscious about just dropping his pants, and he couldn’t help but give the room a cursory glance once more. If there were cameras, they were too small and unnoticeable which meant that he couldn’t do anything about them. Plus, standing this close to the panel he swore he could feel someone’s hot breath fanning against his crotch. Oh, well, they said they were waiting, right? 

Kojiro held his shirt underneath his chin and pushed his hips forward, anticipating the feel of a hot, wet mouth. And yet, no such mouth welcomed him. Which immediately made him feel like an idiot for stealing a stranger’s “special appointment” with—

A tongue brushed against the underside of Kojiro’s balls and he tensed. He decided to act as if that brief touch alone wasn’t enough to make precum drip from his cock, instead closing his eyes and leaning against the panel. It surprisingly had little give, and he rested a bit more of his weight on it. As if they’d been waiting for Kojiro to get comfortable, the tongue licked at his balls again, this time making its way back up to his leaking slit. It licked over the tip of him before the warmest mouth Kojiro had ever had the pleasure of entering wrapped around him, sucking shallowly. 

Nnfff!” Kojiro was about cum and it hadn’t even been two minutes. He bit his bottom lip hard, tasting blood, but it pulled him back from the edge, if only a little bit. The mouth sucked harder, the tongue swirling around him, and Kojiro hissed again. He was back to being seconds away from shooting his load and he hated it; he had the sneaking suspicion that if he came before the time was up (will someone come get me when it’s time?), it would be over. And the best blowjob of his life couldn’t end so quickly. 

Kojiro was actually thankful for the barrier between them, though it was frustrating he couldn’t grip their hair and fuck their mouth like he desired. If he did that he would have already cum two times over (and he wasn’t embarrassed to admit it to himself it was so soul-stealingly good). Instead, he gripped his forearms braced against the shoji, using it as another “touchstone” to keep him from giving into his building orgasm. 

His dick was three-fourths down their throat, and it seemed to cushion him perfectly, squeezing as they took him to the hilt. “Fuck!” 

The explicative flew from his lips and the mouth hummed around him. Kojiro bit his lip harder and risked pushing his pelvis forward so the tip of his dick pushed against the back of their throat before sliding further back. Oh my god I’m about to burst! The enticing throat was suddenly gone, and Kojiro’s dick felt cold being covered in saliva and exposed to the open air 

“Didn’t think you’d last this long.” 

He jumped as something was pushed onto him slowly; it was snug and moist and somehow made Kojiro more sensitive. Something dripped onto him and he wondered briefly if it was their spit. Nah, this is too thick… Wait, is this lube?! 

It was the only thing it could be and Kojiro’s heart jumped to his throat. There was only one reason to go through with a condom and lube. But this was more than he expected on top of the best blowjob ever, and he had the feeling that this wasn’t a part of what he’d “paid” for. Is it a “reward” for holding out so long? It was a shot in the dark, but the only possible explanation given what they’d said. 

It was going to be damn near impossible for him to hold out now though. Assuming it’s as good as what they can do with their mouth. Kojiro had a moment to contemplate just where he’d be sticking his dick; but then the tightest hole he’d ever had the pleasure of fucking swallowed his dick and he came so hard he saw white. 

What a pity, I wanted some fun too…” 

Even though it felt like Kojiro’s soul was spilling out of him, he craved more. Head a mess from the most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced he dropped his arms and placed his hands against the panels. Kojiro pushed against the firm material as he felt them slowly move away from him. Oh no you don’t! His hands finally pushed through the material and he grabbed a slender waist, pulling back so he was balls deep inside them again.

“Then let’s have some fun, yeah?”

2 thoughts on “SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 14: Gloryhole [Matcha Blossom]

  1. ItsSilveryRam says:

    THE ENDING HAD ME SCREAMING!! The sexiness charts are overloaded, it was sooooo good! I never knew I needed this AU/scenario but I am so glad you wrote it. Totally random, but you were right on about those expensive business cards hahaha I could totally see it in my head.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FujoshiTings says:

      Cherry is a sound business person, of course he’d put in work for his business cards too🤠

      I’m so happy you enjoyed! I’ve never written a gloryhole either but loved having fun with them🥳 Also glad the ending landed 🙇🏾‍♀️


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