SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 13: Omegaverse AU [Matcha Blossom]

Title: The Scent of Matcha Blossoms, Ch. 3

Rating: Mature

Total Word Count: 1,434

Tags: omegaverse, dirty talk, teasing, cruel to be kind, near public sex, alpha and omega dynamics, heat cycle

A Sound

Kaoru initially wasn’t a fan of the motorcycle; it messed up his carefully styled hair and always left his yukata in disarray. But, this time he happily climbs on because motorcycles have the luxury of being easier to maneuver when in a hurry. And the traffic near their hotel was a nightmare at all times of day. 

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Kojiro’s voice is still thick with lust, but there’s a hint of concern as well. 

“Aren’t gorillas supposed to be simple brutes that carry out basic tasks when asked?” Kaoru grabs the offered helmet from Kojiro’s hand and straps it quickly. 

“… Remember, you said it,” he mutters, the smirk on his face a little too wide for Kaoru’s liking. But there’s no helping it since he’s already said it. 

Plus, if it means he’ll be like that, then who cares? Kaoru can calculate Kojiro’s reactions before he has them, making it easy for Kaoru to know the right things to say and do to get the results he wants. If he keeps playing his cards right, he’ll have Kojiro right where he wants him. 

“Hold on tight.”

Kojiro’s expansive back is in front of him, radiating strength and heat against his front. The smell of the sea washes over him and he eagerly wraps his arms around his waist. Or attempts to; Kaoru’s fingers don’t quite meet in the middle, but knowing that Kojiro has grown into a strong alpha like this makes his chest throb. But, what stands out in this moment is how Kojiro’s back rubs against his straining erection. The vibration of the engine beneath him might as well be a vibrator with the shockwaves of pleasure rippling down his spine. 

If we weren’t going so fast I’d be able to… 

Almost as if reading his mind, Kojiro’s voice sounds over the rippling wind: “Three minutes.”

He sounds so firm. Unlike when they were younger. 

Back then, Kojiro spoke almost every sentence like it was a question. He lacked what other alphas at their age seemed to have, and he was on the smaller side. When Kaoru would press Kojiro for answers as to why girls flocked to him, or why he’d disappear frequently throughout their third year, Kojiro would smile weakly and respond in a small voice. The only times he looked and acted like the man Kaoru knew he could be was when a skateboard was under his feet. 

Even when they met Adam. 

Kaoru isn’t blind (despite needing glasses) like Kojiro thinks; he’s known his childhood friend is in love with him. Yet, the blockhead let another man, another alpha, take him without much of a fight. 

It didn’t inspire confidence. 

Plus, the women increased in number from then on, always in two’s for whatever reason. Though now when Kaoru questioned Kojiro about it, he would boldly say that it was none of Kaoru’s business. 

And that had led them here. 

When a new client reached out to him, Kaoru jumped at the offer to be flown to France. The dates overlapped with a skateboard competition in a French equivalent of S that he’d gotten an open invitation to a while ago. He and Kojiro had dreamed of skateboarding abroad back in high school, before everything went to shit. He’d gotten ready for the trip in secret and told Kojiro the day of his departure that he was going away on business. To his shock and annoyance, Kojiro had pulled out a plane ticket of his own from his pocket. Same flight. Same final destination. 

“We’re almost there.”

Kojiro’s controlled tone penetrates through the wind. Firmly planted in reality once more, Kaoru’s symptoms hit him all at once and it takes all his strength to maintain his hold on Kojiro. 

Even though he knows what they’re going back to the hotel to do (Kojiro has “lended a helping hand” every month for longer than Kaoru cares to remember), it feels like their first time for some reason. 

His stomach somersaults as the hotel comes rapidly into view. For one, Kaoru smells his own pheromones swirling around him meaning that anyone within two feet will be able to scent him out. Second, when he stands, he knows that the front and back of his yukata will have wet spots from his arousal that he won’t be able to easily hide. When the motorcycle comes to a stop, the sudden absence of the motor leaves his lower half feeling numb. 

“We’ll go through the back entrance,” Kojiro says, immediately at his back with a hand at his waist, steering him in that direction. 

“But we’re on the top floor.” Kaoru hates how needy he sounds. 

“I always ask if there’s a service elevator.” Kaoru doesn’t have a response to that, feeling choked up for reasons he can’t explain. “This one’s faster than some of the others we’ve been on thankfully.”

Others? Kaoru’s head feels fuzzy but he stubbornly chews on Kojiro’s admission, wondering when the hell he’d ridden a service elevator with him. Why can’t I remember what this buffoon is talking about?! The blank spaces in his memory agitate him further, calling more attention to how desperate his body craves to be touched, how much he wants cum. 

“If you don’t calm down, I’ll fuck you right here.” They’re standing in the back hallway in front of the service elevator. The up button isn’t lit, meaning that Kojiro hasn’t pressed it and therefore will make good on his threat. And what a delicious threat it is, his words having the opposite of the desired effect on Kaoru, and he reaches behind him for Kojiro’s cock. 

Kojiro doesn’t evade the maneuver, much to Kaoru’s excitement, though it weakens because he’s as limp as a rag doll. 

“Why aren’t you hard?” Kaoru spins on his heel, and he sounds angry and whiny to his own ears but is too far gone to be self conscious about it. “I want you to—”

The kiss is as soft as it is sudden, Kojiro’s full lips completely covering his. Kaoru forgets what he had been saying in favor of wrapping his arms around Kojiro’s neck. He jumps and Kojiro easily catches him, holding his arms underneath him. Kaoru’s head spins as Kojiro’s tongue traces his bottom lip, following it with a bite. More… 

Kaoru grinds into Kojiro’ as he deepens their kiss. He doesn’t know if they’re still in the hallway, and he’s past the point of caring. All that matters are the strong warms supporting him, the lips moving furiously against his own, and the growing erection digging into his front. Kaoru wants to reach for Kojiro’s pants and pull out his cock, but his back hitting a hard surface penetrates through the growing haze long enough for him to realize they somehow had made it back to their hotel room. 

“Now, you can tell me exactly what you want.” Kojiro’s hot breath in his mouth makes Kaoru’s toes curl.

“What are you talking about?” He tries to deepen the kiss but Kojiro’s paw covers his mouth. No matter. He licks at the palm of Kojiro’s hand slowly before taking a small bite, sucking at the toughened skin. 

“Use your words Kaoru.” Never one to play fair, Kojiro says it in his ear, and he removes his hand from his mouth in favor of gripping the side of his neck. It rests over his pulse and all Kaoru can think about is that hand tightening around his neck as Kojiro takes him from behind. He bites his lip from the mental image but a moan still escapes. And just as he hoped, that hand wraps around his neck. “What did you just imagine?”

“I want you to,” Kaoru’s voice is low and raspy and he knows it’s having the desired effect when Kojiro squeezes tighter, “take off this yukata, gently mind you, and give me everything little Kojiro has to offer.”

Kaoru knows provoking him like this will only end up in his inability to walk for a few days, but the normal bridge between his desires and rationally collapses for the time being. He wants to feel Kojiro’s cock deep inside him and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. But, Kojiro knows thisl. 

“I don’t think I know who little Kojiro is.” Kaoru moans again as Kojiro pushes his erection into him. “But I can leave and—”

“I want you so deep inside me that I can’t breathe.”

Kojiro’s face softens and a self-satisfied smirk lights his face. “That’s what I like to hear.”

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