SK8 the Infinity Theme Week— May 11: Lingerie [Matcha Blossom]

Title: Sailor in Drunkenland

Rating: Mature

Total Word Count: 1,824

Tags: lingerie, vers, muscles, drunken foreplay, teasing, tsundere uke, megane, AI, drinking, flirting, childhood friends, secret lovers, clingy bottom

“Carla, this isn’t what I meant when I said pajamas.”

Kaoru Sakurayashiki looked down at the clothes nestled in gift tissue paper dubiously. 

More like scraps of fabric, he thought bitterly, shoving the box aside. 

To be fair, Carla was still undergoing some tweaks and updates. She rarely made mistakes like this and had become a staple in his life faster than he’d intended. Yet, with any technology, there were clearly some bugs that needed squashing.  

Apologies master. Shall I try again?” 

He sighed, low and long. “No, that’s quite alright Carla.” He cleared his throat. “Remind me to update your shopping reference database tomorrow.”

I will remind you at eight thirty a.m tomorrow, Master.”

Kaoru slowly removed the accompanying bracelet he’d designed and placed it on the nightstand. 

Moving into his first apartment had been a months-long ordeal. It was his first time living alone and every week it felt like he realized he was missing something to make the place feel like his. Carla had helped with the silence that used to plague the two bedroom unit, but there was always something more he felt he needed. This week’s “revelation” was pajamas. He’d been rotating the same three oversized shirts, often foregoing pants due to how restrictive they felt. 

It was late now though. Kaoru had a long day and this was icing on the shitty cake. 

I’ll have a long soak. Maybe with a glass of wine…

It ended up being a bottle of wine, and a two hour soak. He’d left Carla in the other room, but had her play classical music to accompany him. It was peaceful, sitting in warm water and bubbles to wash away the stress of the day. 

Even better that he had a healthy buzz by the time he stepped out of the cool water. He grabbed his towel from the rack without bothering to look in the bathroom mirror and turned the light off with the bottom of the practically empty wine bottle. 

I should have turned the heat on though, he thought with a shiver. Kaoru switched the AC unit to heat and emptied the rest of the remaining wine into his mouth, swishing it around a few times before swallowing. It had been a bottle left over from some social event long ago, and though it had initially been a tad bitter to taste, he now craved more. I’ll pour another glass and have Carla play that beef over… 

It was footage from the start of S, back when Carla was an earlier model, so the footage was spotty, but it was one of his favorite videos to watch. He headed back to his bedroom to put on his robe, the chill easing from him now that the heat had time to circulate. However, his eyes were drawn to the half opened package from earlier. Kaoru knew it was because he was drunk that he took a step toward the lingerie set, dropping his towel as he went. 

For reference (huge shoutout to SilveryRam)

He pulled the entire garment out, holding it up in the dim lamp light, seeing it with new (drunken) eyes; it was rather cute, reminding him of a primary school uniform, with the sailor theme and navy and white bowtie. The gossamer top was soft to the touch, and made it look more like a shirt than lingerie with three-quarter length sleeves that cuffed at the ends. If Kaoru had anything, it was taste. The racey part however, was the thong, two small scraps in the shape of triangles, held up by how tightly one could tie the sides. Just looking at it made his ass itch, but at the same time, he knew it’d make his toned legs and buttocks look even more striking than they were. 

I’m convinced. 

It was surprisingly easy to put on, his arms sliding through the sleeves with little effort, and it felt like he was wearing velvet rather than lingerie. The thong fit perfectly as well, and didn’t bother him too much, even as he knotted the sides firmly. There was nothing he hated more than loose underwear. With his apartment now toasty and the wine heavily settling in, he finally felt like he was home. All that was missing was—no, stop right there! 

Kaoru shook his head a little too vigorously and stumbled toward his kitchen. He grabbed another wine glass and made quick work of the screw top for the moscato he’d been gifted after one of his charity events. It was on the sweet side, and Kaoru drank a hefty amount before setting the half full glass on the counter. 

“Carla, play the—”

“Kaoru? Are you…”

Of all times for the fucking bafoon to pop in unannounced. Kaoru turned ever so slowly until he had no choice but to come face to face with Kojiro. Who, for his part, just looked bewildered. Not what I was expecting. Though he was loath to admit it, Kaoru had expected a bigger reaction. One that mainly involved Kojiro pouncing on him immediately and ripping the fragile garment to pieces. He’d done it before after all.  Yet, none of that was happening. In fact, Kojiro’s face was breaking out into a shit-eating grin, and he pointed a finger at where the sailor tie dangled between his pecs. “Where the hell did you buy this get-up from?”

“It doesn’t concern you where I buy my things,” Kaoru snapped, sizing him up. “You’re one to talk; I see you do own other shirts.”

Kojiro wore that usual jacket he found at a thrift store back during university, one side hanging off his broad shoulders. Unlike the usual striped button down, he wore a form-fitting black shirt, a logo that was probably once large and legible now remnants from the shirt being washed so many times. It’s like he’s incapable of having anything nice! 

“But seriously Kaoru.” Now the oversized gorilla was laughing, holding his sides. “You basically bought our school uniform, but like, in porn.

When put that way, Kaoru was back to looking at the set in contempt, even more so knowing it made Kojiro laugh at him. His face, neck, everything prickled with heat and his stomach turned from the embarrassment. But why am I embarrassed? I’m in my own fucking home! 

“And what gives you the right to waltz in here judging people’s attire?” He gave Kojiro a slow up and down, smirking when the loud guffaws of laughter died abruptly. That’s right, you brute; I have the upper hand as always. “I think I look rather good.” Thankfully he left his hair down, flipping it over his shoulder as he turned back around to grab his drink, making sure to give Kojiro an eyeful. Idiot thinks he can make a fool of me, I’ll show him. 

“You always look good.” The response was honest and said two octaves lower than Kojiro’s normal voice. Kaoru felt those red eyes staring intensely at his exposed legs. “Even when you’re dressed like a perverted school boy.” 

Great, he’s back to laughing like the dumbass he is! Kaoru could only bite the inside of his cheek, glaring in contempt. Usually this would be enough to shut the grubby gorilla up and they’d already be in his room, or on the couch, or on the floor… Though Kaoru hadn’t been a fan of floor sex; his lower back was in more pain than it usually was the following morning making work impossible. 

There was only one thing he could do now.

Kaoru watched silently as Kojiro made himself at home, removing his jacket and hanging it off the back of a dining table chair. Thankfully, his shoes were already off, though Kaoru cringed seeing pale, sockless feet. Which only added to his frustrations more. Kojiro even had the nerve to click out of the play screen Carla had set up, in favor for a K-drama. 

“Would you also pour me some wine?” His voice already sounded dazed. Kojiro was the type to get completely sucked into whatever he was watching. Whenever Kaoru traveled on business, he’d get texts at random times with reactions to various dramas, anime, and movies. It was as cute as it was annoying, tonight it being more annoying than anything else. 

“Your legs work, don’t they? Or is all that muscle for show?” Walking was harder, but Kaoru managed to make his way to where Kojiro sat on the couch. As if it were a normal evening, he lowered himself into the space between Kojiro’s agape legs. “And why the hell did you put this drivel on, it’s only rotting your pea-sized brain further.”

“K-Kaoru, what’re you doing?” 

Such a simpleminded fool, Kaoru thought to himself smugly, purposefully wiggling his lower half in a show of getting “more comfortable.” 

“I thought you liked sitting like this?” He took another long drink from his glass, even as his muscles started feeling like jelly. It was difficult, but he managed to place the wine glass down carefully on the table beside the couch in favor of gathering his hair to the side. Though the bill of the top covered most of his back, Kaoru knew exposing his neck was another chink in Kojiro’s armor. And like clockwork, something hard bulged against him. Checkmate. 

Kaoru twisted so he could see Kojiro, ready to make a joke about him liking the “porn-y school uniform” but the way he’d sucked in his thick bottom lip and shut his eyes went straight to Kaoru’s groin. Fuck, fuck, fuck!  I want him to untie these fucking strings and—

“But Kaoru,” Kojiro’s hot breath fanned over his face. Shit, did I say that out loud? Kaoru felt wet. “I thought it was my turn?” He made easy work of lifting Kaoru so that he straddled him and their erections brushed. 

“What are you talking about, you brute.” He beat weakly at Kojiro’s expansive chest, but all that did was make his insides clench tighter. He loved the feeling of that tight chest under his fingers, and loved toying with Kojiro’s nipples. 

“This… outfit…” Rough hands slid underneath the sheer material and  spread across his back. The toughened skin scratched at Kaoru’s skin and the friction sent another pang of desire through him. He almost missed what Kojiro said next. “I’m desperate to be inside you.” He leaned forward so that his head rested close to Kaoru’s thundering heart. 

The terse confession made him remember what he’d declared the last time they’d spent a weekend together. Kaoru’s entire body flushed first from embarrassment at the memory and second from the wandering fingers that now made circles around his hardening nipples. 

“I don’t mind,” he all but moaned as Kojiro pinched both nipples. It took effort, but he grasped Kojiro’s face in his hands and yanked up so that their faces were at the same level, nearly touching. “The night is still young as they say.”

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