Renga Week, Day 7: Soulmates

Title: A Match Made In Infinity

Rating: Teen

Tags: Canon compliant AU, AU, soulmates, fluff, emotions

Total Word Count: 857

You’re my soulmate?” 

Kyan Reki knows that life is playing a cruel, sick joke on him. Why, he’s not sure. Did I really do something so terrible in a past life? But, there’s no mistaking the markings that have appeared around his right wrist and left ring finger. Reki knows that most soulmates meet by chance like this, but the last place he expected to find his mythical soulmate was during an underground beef. Much less that it was the champion he’d been spending the last three months training to face. Yet, here they stood, within range for their souls to recognize each other, moments from the start of the much anticipated beef. 

His “soulmate” SNOW looks just as perplexed, eyes the markings on the opposite wrist and his ring finger. No one has noticed quite yet, but Reki can just see it now, how the crowd would circle around them at the end of the beef to congratulate his big win. The first to notice will probably be that cat-eyed kid, and he’ll probably say something about how fate is always cruelest to “heroes.” 

Three! The countdown starts, snapping Reki out of his dark musings, though now there’s a new weightedness to his being. Two! He chances another glance at SNOW, expecting him to be looking straight ahead with the usual blank look on his face. But instead, he’s looking at Reki, gloved hand at his chest as if he’s having a heart attack. Reki finds his mouth opening, ready to ask if he’s alright, but the sound of the buzzer reminds him that SNOW is his rival, and that this is his big shot to show the asswipes here that he can skate. 

Reki recovers from their mutual shock the quickest, taking off at full speed in a run before jumping on his skateboard with the momentum. As always, the sound of rushing air in his ears and the wind biting through his baggy clothes sends a thrill through him, and his mind empties, save for the course in front of him. I can do this!

Faintly he hears the spectators shouting but not the sound of a skateboard gaining on him. Reki leans forward a bit more to increase his speed just in case, but lets himself have a moment to rejoice. But what if something is wrong? He doesn’t know where the worried thought comes from, and it almost makes him ease up. That has nothing to do with this! 

However, the nagging feeling that something is wrong eventually makes Reki slow to a coast and look behind him at the straightaway. SNOW is nowhere to be found, which though good for his chances at winning, is odd given his skill and speed. Maybe something did happen? He tries to make sense of the shouting, but can’t, being so far away. Up ahead though there are usually—

Finally, he hears the sound of wheels and SNOW comes into view. He looks too winded for his speed, his normally pale face tomato red. His hand, the one with the markings on his ring finger, is still at his chest, gripping his shirt. Is he like, gonna die?! As SNOW gets closer and closer, Reki remembers something his mom told him when he was younger. 

You have to be open if you meet your special someone, no matter who they are; if you’re not, it could lead to them or you getting hurt. 

Reki suddenly loses his footing and stumbles, falling off his board and onto the ground hard. He hears a similar clatter and thud seconds before SNOW (literally) falls into view. They both lie there, SNOW’s breath sounding more like a wheeze than actual breathing. The heaviness from earlier returns, and Reki wonders if this is what his mother was talking about back then. 

But I haven’t even… SNOW pounds at his chest. “Can… you… stop?”

Reki looks toward him in confusion. “Stop what?”

SNOW’s face is a few shades darker, starting to look almost plum. It’s a startling image and Reki’s hand reaches out before he knows what he’s doing. His fingers brush against the hand at SNOW’s chest and he swears some of the tension leaves his body. Maybe it is like what mom said? 

Reki’s determination to win and small grudge toward SNOW is clearly affecting him. And though he wants to win, he doesn’t want to do so because he lets his rival lie ill on the ground, and he doesn’t want to become one of the few that sends their soulmate to an early grave. Because even though he had acted like he didn’t believe in soulmates anymore, there’s been a small part of him holding out hope that the soulmates are indeed real, and that he would be lucky enough to meet his. 

And here I am, about to throw it away. Reki takes SNOW’s hand in both of his and takes a deep breath before offering a small smile. 

“My name is Kyan, Kyan Reki; what’s yours?” SNOW slowly opens his mouth and somehow Reki knows he’s about to lie. “Your real name.”

“Hasegawa. Hasegawa Langa.”

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