Renga Week, Day 5: Switch

Title: Good Things Come with Honesty

Rating: Explicit

Tags: aged up characters, eros reki, blowjob, first blow job, nipple play,

Total word count: 2,725

Though Langa’s plan is successful, he’s finding it difficult to say what he needs to and hopes some alone time on the ferris wheel will create the right mood.

The image of his best friend, turned boyfriend, fingering himself and calling out his name had refused to leave Kyan Reki’s mind, no matter how hard he tried to think of literally anything else for weeks. Maybe it was because he’d used that image to jerk off at the time (and even now much to his shame). Or, because what was supposed to be a dark secret he took the grave turned out to be an embarrassing moment that Hasegawa Langa knew about. He’d been so mortified he’d snuck out when Langa was in the shower shortly after being found out. 

For his part, Langa acted as if it’d never happened. Which meant he went back to talking about skateboarding and not much else. He’d always lacked a proper sense of “personal space,” but his skinship had been steadily increasing, unperturbed by the disastrous sleepover. Meanwhile, Reki thought he’d faint every time they so much as brushed shoulders through their clothing. He was losing his cool again. 

“Earth to the slime!” Miya’s hand waved in Reki’s face almost too fast for him to see. 

He sighed, brushing Miya’s hand away. “Ugh, what do you want?” 

“Hey, you’re the one who asked me to show you how to do the hospital flip, not the other way around.” He stepped down on the edge of his skateboard, effortlessly flipping it up to his waiting hand. “If you’re going to be distracted the whole time, you might actually end up in the hospital.”

“Sorry,” Reki said, feeling a small ounce of guilt. He’d texted Chinen Miya to meet him at the concrete playground in an attempt to take his mind off how he’d watched his boyfriend finger himself like a total creep, while also learning a trick he’d always wanted to try. But, it seemed his thoughts were like a dog with a bone, gnawing at the memory of Langa using his sweatband to masturbate. Not for the first time he wished he could be more honest with Miya. Going to Joe and Cherry was too embarrassing given the circumstances, and it would be a cold day in hell he asked Hiromi. 

“Are you and your little boyfriend fighting again or something?” Miya asked snidely, looking away from him. 

He’s actually asking? It was surprising, given how reserved Miya was, even more so since Shadow’s injuries. It had been another reason he’d invited Miya here. Of course it wasn’t going as planned, like most things those days. “Nah, we’re… fine.”

Miya looked at him again, a single thin eyebrow raised. “Oh really?”

It was Reki’s turn to look away. “I-I may have done something that—”

Something hard hit his forehead, leaving a burning sensation behind. “What the heck dude?!”

“You’re both so annoying.” Miya cleared his throat. “Just talk to him; he’s pretty simple, like most heroes are.” Reki rolled his eyes at the last part, but couldn’t resist closing the distance between them to ruffle Miya’s hair. 

“Thanks dude,” he said, ignoring Miya’s fierce glare. “You’re right.”

“I usually am; now, get your filthy hands off my head!”

Reki waited until a weekend his sister’s had a “slumber party” to invite Langa over. Since Miya’s “pep” talk, Reki had decided to officially come clean with Langa about the “incident” and that until then, he would do his best to relax. Now that the day had come, Reki found himself wanting to shoot a “never mind” text. He pulled out his phone again and his mouth dried seeing that it was almost noon. Crap, he’s gonna be here soon! He opened up their text conversation, seeing the last message from Langa.

His phone felt slick in his hand and he knew it was because they’d both gone cold and sweaty. Hey dude, something c—

Ding, dong! Reki jumped, effectively dropping his phone. Langa was early, but he shouldn’t have been surprised. “I’m coming!”

He reached for his phone as the sound of a message sending sounded. You’ve gotta be kidding me! The message had managed to send in the fumble and Langa was already typing back, the three dots making Reki’s neck hot. Might as well face my doom. He threw it onto his bed without waiting for whatever response Langa typed in favor for facing the beast head on. 

“Reki, are you okay?” Langa reached for him as soon as the door was open wide enough, grabbing his shoulders. He bumped their heads together, closing his eyes. “You don’t have a fever, at least, I don’t think.”

Why is he always so…? Reki pushed at Langa’s chest, and he took a step back but left his hands on Reki’s shoulders. “I’m fine, I’m fine; I uh, wanted to show you something and the doorbell ringing made me hit send before I was done.” Too. much. Information! He’s gonna know you’re lying! Idiot, idiot, idiot!

“Oh, is it the trick Miya told me about?” Thankfully, Langa released him.

Miya told him?! Reki vowed to give the little brat a good shake the next time he saw him. “Uh, yeah, you got me.” God, can the ground swallow me whole already!

Langa however flashed him an indulgent grin. “You’ll get it in no time!” Did that little jerk show him my practice videos?! Reki was sure this is what having an aneurysm felt like; his muscles were frozen, his head painfully throbbed, and no breath left from his nose or lips. If he’d made a list of things that could have made the day worse, this wouldn’t have even made the list because it hadn’t even been a possibility for him. 

“I’m sorry!” Though this wasn’t how he wanted to start the conversation, it spilled out of him and he hastily bowed to cover up how weak he felt. Reki was seconds from collapsing from all the embarrassment. 

Rather than respond, Reki found himself being dragged by the arm down the hall, into the backyard, and into his workshop. It’s the last thing he expected Langa to do, and even more confusing was the location. Though, Reki felt somewhat relieved; at least we won’t be talking on my bed! 

Langa didn’t let him go until the door was shut behind them. “What are you sorry about?” 

Reki watched as Langa removed his backpack and jacket, revealing his usual long-sleeve button-down shirt he wore for beefs. He sat in his usual seat and Reki followed suit, feeling his stomach turn. When he’d asked Langa over, it had been under the pretense of practicing before that night’s beef. Though it was more for sport than anything else between them, Miya and Shadow, they’d all ended up taking it pretty seriously. Well, as seriously as you could take a beef and still be willing to help your competition. 

“Earth to Reki?” While he spaced out, Langa had wheeled forward so that their knees touched and he was inches from his face. 

“Woah, dude; back up?” Though it came out like a question, Langa inched back, looking like a kicked puppy. Just great! 

“Look I—” Reki took a deep breath to push through the feeling of nausea rising. Stop freaking out, he already knows you peeped anyway! “I-I’m sorry for uh, spying on you that um, one time.” To distract himself, Reki pulled at a lock of his hair and looked away. “I didn’t mean to, you were just—”

Langa’s abrupt laughter interrupted him and Reki choked on the rest of his (shitty) apology. It was a full laugh, and he gripped at his sides hunched over from the force of it. Reki went from shocked to frustrated and stood abruptly. “Dude, what the hell?”

Langa’s laughter subsided, but not by much and he wiped his eyes, pinning him with his icy blue gaze. “S-sorry; it’s just… did you invite me over for this?” Reki’s face flushed which set Langa off again, making him blush harder. 

Nothing ever goes the way I want. With a defeated sigh, Reki fell back into his chair and looked up at the wooden ceiling. “Look, laugh all you want, but I mean it; I really didn’t mean to spy on your ‘me’ time or anything.”

He spun around in his chair slowly, waiting for Langa to catch his breath. Now that he’d formally apologized, a weight lifted from his shoulders. Though he still wished to be literally talking about anything else, it was like breathing new air now that everything was out in the open. But you’re still not telling him about the other thing. Reki ignored the thought in favor of sitting up to face a now calm Langa. 

“Reki…” Langa pushed his chair forward again and their knees slammed into each other. If he weren’t a lifetime skater, the impact would have hurt; it effectively made him hyper aware of Langa’s body heat, and he leaned into Reki’s personal space again. 

“W-what?” He smells sweet… He couldn’t place the scent, but it went straight to Reki’s head and he felt dizzy. 

“You’re so cute.” For good measure Langa reached and pinched both of his cheeks. “It’s fine.” He released his face but stayed close enough so their noses almost touched. “I knew you were there anyway, remember?”


Reki had hoped the sentence Langa had uttered while he was still cumming into the bathroom toilet was a post-nut hallucination. But Langa’s twinkling eyes and smirk on his thin lips made it abundantly clear that he’d known Reki had watched him masturbate, and that he most likely knew what he’d done in the bathroom. Glad I fucking left that night. 

But, it seemed he’d just delayed the inevitable. 

“Reki?” Langa got closer, and their noses clashed. “Do I need to say it more clearly?”

“N-n-no! Oh my god, Langa, can you like let me breathe?” His voice was three octaves higher and he sounded snappy. 

“Only if you give me a kiss and promise to stop acting weird about it.”

Reki could tell Langa was serious, his eyes darkening the way they did before a beef. They’d kissed a handful of times, usually because Langa initiated it. Always taken by surprise, they ended abruptly with Reki breaking the kiss. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kiss him, but it was embarrassing. Which, he knew was silly; people in committed relationships kissed, held hands, and did more on a regular basis. It’s no big deal, right? 

Determined, Reki shut his eyes and placed his lips upon Langa’s. It was awkward; his lips trembled and he knew that Langa’s eyes were open. Why did he even— 

Langa gave into the kiss, opening his mouth so that his tongue brushed Reki’s closed lips. It was a new sensation and it made the hair on the back of Reki’s neck stand up. He didn’t know how to respond and his mind started to cloud over. It was the longest they’d kissed. This time, he felt Langa pull away first, but at the last second, Langa’s teeth nipped at his bottom lip. 

The slight sting went straight to his groin and Reki leaned back into the kiss. Langa’s lips parted slightly in shock and Reki stuck his tongue through the opening, the desire to taste more of him swelling from somewhere deep within. He was a horny teenage boy by any standards, yet always balked at doing more than this, but Reki suddenly wanted to push the boundaries. 

The way Langa surrendered to the renewed kiss, sighing into his mouth and brushing their tongues together made Reki’s heart thud against his ribcage double time. His hands hand a mind of their own, having slid to the front of Langa’s jeans. He felt Langa’s erection through the coarse material and gave it a small squeeze, eliciting a moan from Langa. The noise was arousing and reminded him of what had led to them being in this situation in the first place. What if I actually touch him? 

Reki made quick work of the button and zipper and he sucked at Langa’s bottom lip before breaking their heated kiss. “C-can I—”

Langa grinded into his hand, the wet spot through his boxers surprising and turning Reki on even more. “I want to do whatever you want.”

What I… want? Though he wanted to touch more of Lana’s bare skin, Reki hadn’t considered what he’d do after that. Again, the memory of Langa fingering himself flashed in his mind and his dick jerked in his joggers in response. I wanna see it again. 

He slid a finger underneath the waistband before pulling down, and Langa’s erection sprang forth, bigger up close, and the tip oozing precum. 

“Dude, it looks like a pale, angry mushroom.” Reki wished he could turn back time or that do-overs existed. That’s something you keep to yourself, Reki, not say out loud in the heat of the moment. 

Langa met his embarrassed gaze with a raised eyebrow. “You’re really bad at this.”

It was true, but being told it so plainly was mortifying. Yet, Reki found the flames of his desire climb higher; I’m gonna show him! 

He reached for Langa’s erection again, easily fitting his hand around his dick. With his thumb, Reki traced Langa’s slit in a slow circle. The pad of his thumb became slick and sticky in seconds and Langa’s quiet moans made him want to tease him more. 

“You play with your nipples, don’t you?” Reki smirked at Langa’s shocked gasp. “You were reaching for them when you were fingering yourself. I wanna see you do it. Up close.”

He had the pleasure of seeing Langa’s pale cheeks flare scarlet. “That’s a little…” He looked away. 

Reki sunk to his knees and effortlessly opened Langa’s legs, using his toned thighs to support his arms. “If you let me see, I’ll give this guy more attention.” For emphasis, he tightened his hold on Langa’s dick slightly. “I might even…” He leaned down so that his lips hovered over his tip. 

“Are you… serious?” Langa’s blue eyes were darker, like the depths of the ocean, his pale skin flushed and his mouth parted slightly. Reki’s joggers suddenly felt unbearably tight. 

“Totally serious.” He watched as Langa bit his lip in trepidation, and he stopped the slow movements he’d been making with his hands. Langa whined at the loss of contact, his eyes narrowing slightly. “No fair.”

Reki grinned as Langa’s fingers made quick work of his buttons. He was even paler underneath the shirt which made his hardened nipples stand out like rosebuds. Reki made a “go on” motion with his hand at Langa’s hesitation, his long fingers resting just near his nipples. He closed his eyes and Reki was seconds away from protesting, but the way Langa began to squirm as he rubbed and pulled at his nipples was enough of a sight. For now at least. 

A man of his word, Reki took Langa’s dick in his hand once more, noting it felt hotter and harder than before before placing his lips in to kiss the tip. He tastes… kinda sweet. It wasn’t what he expected, and he found it easy to open his mouth around it.

Ahhhhhhh…” Reki looked up through his eyelashes, meeting Langa’s heated gaze. His hands twisted his nipples more vigorously than when he’d first started, his bottom lip going white from how hard his two front teeth bit into it. In Reki’s mouth, Langa’s dick felt incredibly hard, straining for release as it brushed against the folds of his throat.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” Langa’s back arched, pushing his dick into the very back of Reki’s throat. He pushed through his gag reflex to hollow out his cheeks (something he saw in a porno), watching in fascination as Langa came apart. 

His mouth filled with cum, and he made the split-second decision to swallow not minding the taste. When Langa’s dick went semi-limp in his mouth he let go, leaning back onto his heels. Langa was slouched against the chair, shirt half falling to the ground, drool dripping from the side of his parted mouth and his eyes darker than Reki had ever seen them. 

“You better finish what you started.”

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