Renga Week, Day 4: Date

Title: Skateboards and Ferris Wheels

Rating: Teen

Tags: first kiss, confession, first date, ferris wheel kiss, fluff, humor

Total Word Count: 1,538

Hasegawa Langa knew Kyan Reki, his best friend, wouldn’t come along if he didn’t say it was for skating. 

In the aftermath of his beef with ADAM, things had calmed down considerably, and Langa was hit with his overwhelming feelings for Reki again. He knew that just blurting out how he felt would fluster him and most likely scare him away, but Langa also wanted to try and get his growing feelings across to see if Reki could return them. 

“Why not an amusement park?” Mrs. Hasegawa had offered a soft smile before taking a bite of meat earlier that week. “There’s something for everyone and then at the end of the day you can ride the ferris wheel!”

Langa had blushed. “But mom, that’s so…”

Mrs. Hasegawa had shrugged. “It’s a go-to date spot for a reason.”

To that, he had no response, and instead took a long drink of water. Langa didn’t want to admit it was the best idea out of the others he’d hastily jotted down on a notepad earlier. Don’t some amusement parks also have skate parks nearby? He had felt his mother’s gaze on him and he sighed. “You win.”

Reki however did not appear amused that Langa had taken him to the amusement park, and he was this close to saying it was a practical joke. 

“Dude, don’t get me wrong but like, I thought we were skating today?” Reki gestured vaguely at all the amusements and people walking by. “We can’t do that here.”

Langa resisted putting his head in his hands. He can be such an idiot! 

“Well, I thought before we did that we could ride a ride or two, get lunch?” He did his best to smile like his hands weren’t shaking and seconds from dropping his board. “I’ve never been to an amusement park in Japan.” Reki’s ire seemed to diminish and he poked his lips out in that way that meant he was seconds from giving in. 

“That’s not playing fair…” Reki sighed. “If it’s only a ride or two, then I guess we can.”

Yes! Langa couldn’t resist grabbing Reki’s free hand and dragging him to the closest roller coaster. Though he could handle being upside down, he wasn’t a fan of how his stomach flipped from being jostled around, but he had a feeling rollercoasters of any and all kinds were up Reki’s alley. 

And as he expected, Reki enjoyed the rollercoaster and quickly got into the swing of things. He took Langa to every ride that had a height requirement and by the time lunch rolled around, Langa felt a bit too queasy to actually eat and wished he’d chosen somewhere else. But… he looks happy. Reki wore that carefree grin that made Langa’s palms sweaty. 

“You’ve gotta try this.” Before he could reply, Reki shoved something warm with a gooey center in his mouth. He had no choice but to chew, trying to fight his gag reflex at the texture before swallowing. “Well?”

“Uh, it was interesting.” Langa slurped at his remaining ramen broth to erase the feeling. “I wanna check out this one amusement before we skate.”

Reki nodded, cheeks looking like a squirrel’s stuffed with nuts. Langa couldn’t help but laugh at the sight. He reached for his phone and managed to take a quick photo before Reki reached across the bench for him. “Dude, what the hell?!”

“I promise I won’t show anyone!” But I will make it your contact photo! 

Reki rolled his eyes but went back to stuffing his face. “What haven’t we ridden yet?”

“Well, it’s not a ride exactly.”

Langa had known Reki was a scaredy cat, which he found endearing. However, he’d underestimated Reki’s reactions when he was afraid. When he’d stopped in front of the haunted house, Reki had looked like he was going to hurl. When he’d noticed Langa’s gaze he’d coughed and put on a (fake) brave face. The first few jump scares had only led to him to grab Langa’s hand, and stand in close, which is what Langa wanted. 

That changed however when a masked person with a chainsaw sounded from behind them. Reki had screamed in his ear, body spasming so that an arm went swinging into his stomach. It’d winded him, and things had only gotten worse from there. Now, back in the late afternoon sunlight, Langa’s arms were red from being slapped, pulled at, and scratched. Reki had gone to find band aids for the scratches that had broken skin and he wondered again why he’d listened to his mom. 

“Give me your arm.” Reki still looked embarrassed, the color returning to his cheeks. His body heat and rough fingers delicately handling Langa’s arm made all the trouble worth it though, and Langa happily watched him “nurse him back to health.”

“Thanks Reki,” he said after the last band aid had been placed. “Sorry for taking you in there; I’d heard it wasn’t that scary.” 

Reki rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and leaning back against the bench. He moved his feet from side to side on his skateboard, and again Langa felt a twinge of guilt for dragging him to the amusement park under false pretenses. “Look, Reki I—”

“If I can’t go to sleep tonight, I expect you to stay awake too.” Reki turned to look at him, a small smile on his face, though he still looked a little pale. 

“Yeah sure, no problem!” Langa sprung up, glad that he was forgiven. “Now, let’s go skate!”

Their “just having fun” turned into a full on beef, and whoever was able to do more tricks on the halfpipe was the winner. Naturally, Langa had won, used to doing several tricks and spins one after the other. His prize was to have them ride the ferris wheel together. It was the perfect setup and he’d skated a little seriously on purpose. Reki had complained a bit, saying ferris wheels weren’t “cool,” but now that they were seated in the car and slowly going up, his face was glued to the window and the view below.

“I haven’t been on one of these in forever.” Reki sounded in awe and Langa finally took a look out the glass. They were about halfway to the top, and the small crowd below was just out of clear eyesight. Though the cart swayed with the wind, it was peaceful, and Langa’s hands went cold. This is the perfect time right? Like in those anime! 

“Reki,” he started, clearing his throat. “I have something to tell you.”

“Dude, if you have to fart right now, I’ll fight you.” Reki’s eyes looked like autumn leaves in the setting sun’s glare. “Oh my gosh, did you alre—”

“I like you,” Langa blurted out, immediately slapping his hands over his mouth. Crap, I didn’t mean to say it like that! 

Reki gave him a dumbfounded look. “Yeah man, I know…”

Langa sighed and ran both hands through his hair. “No, what I mean is, I like, really like you.”

Reki looked even more bewildered. “And I really like you too? I mean we’re best—”

“No!” At that moment, the ferris wheel stopped, the cart swaying a bit with the force of the stop. Langa could see in his peripheral that they were at the top, and the cart was bathed in burnt orange light. Reki had also noticed the change in view and was again plastered to the glass. 

“You know, I thought this was gonna be stupid, but— hey dude, what are you doing? You’re making it shake!” Langa had stood up and walked over to the side Reki sat on, which had led the cart to tilt. He took Reki’s hands in his own and leaned down so that they were eye to eye.

“I like you, Reki; I want to be more than friends.”

At that moment, the ferris wheel rumbled to a start again, jolting Langa forward and into Reki. He wasn’t quick enough to catch his balance and fell forward. Their foreheads smacked together and Langa reared back and fell flat on his ass with a thud. Because their hands were still clasped, he pulled Reki down as well, and they ended up in a heap. 

“I-I’m sorry!” Langa wasn’t sure if meant for making them fall, telling him his feelings, or having these feelings in the first place. 

Reki’s body had been tense, but relaxed with his sigh. He lifted up so that he was looking down at him, brown eyes as serious as he’d ever seen them. “Why are you apologizing, man?”

“I-I-I’m not… sure?” Langa knew his face was as red as a firetruck. 

 “If that’s how you feel,” maybe he was imagining it with the glare from the sun, but he swore he saw a faint blush color Reki’s cheeks, “then that’s how you feel.”

“Can I, um ki—” Reki’s lips were badly chapped, but warm. The kiss was light, and his eyes were shut tightly like when they’d been in the haunted house. He’s so cute. 

Just as Langa leaned into the kiss, Reki pulled away. This time, he was sure Reki was blushing. “I uh, y’know… “ He looked away. “Me too.”

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