Renga Week, Day 2: First times

Title: Firsts of Many

Rating: Explicit

Tags: Aged up characters, lose virginity, first times, multiple orgasm, uke langa, seme reki, light bondage

Total word count: 5,211

It was over.  

Of course Hasegawa Langa had won, but it wasn’t by as big of a margin as Kyan Reki had thought. They laid on their backs in the dirt, gasps for breath filling the air around them. It felt like years since they had been alone like this, to really skate, and that place inside him that only responded to Langa warmed in affectionate nostalgia. When they’d met, Reki never would have guessed what a genius the foreigner would turn out to be; he’d wiped putting a simple foot on Reki’s skateboard afterall. But, as the redhead was learning, life didn’t always go as planned. And that was okay. 

And as long as we’re together like this… His cheeks flushed and he took small comfort in knowing Langa couldn’t see his face. 

“Why are you blushing?” 

Damn it! Can’t let my guard down for a minute around this guy!

Knowing he was being looked at made him blush harder and he covered his face with his arms. “Just really gave it my all, you know?”

Langa didn’t reply and Reki felt his shoulders relax slightly. 

Naturally, the blue-haired bastard grabbed Reki’s arms and effortlessly placed them on either side of his head. Eyes like the oceans of the arctic stared down at him openly. The eye contact made it worse and Reki fought the usual urge to cover his eyes with his headband. Time hadn’t made exchanges like these any less embarrassing. 

“You’re so cute Reki,” Langa said earnestly and Reki had little time to prepare himself before he kissed him. 

Every… time… 

It was both good and bad to know Langa so well. And now was one of those bad times because of what they bet this time. And the thorough way Langa kissed him, leaving no place unexplored, let Reki know that the other young man had been serious. But why… am I hesitating again? 

Langa felt the moment Reki surrendered to his kiss and his heart thudded harder against his ribcage. Kissing Reki was like being airborne, weightless yet falling not knowing if he’d land safely. Though in Langa’s case, he knew that Reki, who kissed him back wholeheartedly now, would always be there alongside him and willing to lend a shoulder to lean on. It felt so good to be this in love, and it had been getting harder and harder to hold himself back. 

Langa desired nothing more than to make love with the person who’d taught him to live again, to have fun again. And since he’d won this beef, they were finally going to do the deed. He’d prepped ahead of time, putting in extra time at the skatepark in the middle of the night. Langa had even gone so far as to indirectly ask his mother to be away for the evening. Luckily, she had a business trip that weekend anyway and wouldn’t return until Tuesday morning. 

“Be… careful,” his mother had said as she stood in the doorway, luggage in hand. “And considerate. I love you!”

Langa had aggressively fought the urge to blush at the implication that his mother one knew why he was asking, and two that there was more to be “considerate” about. 

“Langa, it’s getting late,” Reki said against his lips, pushing against his chest lightly. 

He doesn’t fight and breaks their kiss, moving back so that there’s space between them again. “S-sorry.” 

Langa rubbed at the back of his neck, a gesture Reki found so endearing that it eased some of his nerves. It was clear that he was nervous as well, having trepidation for this next step. But it was thrilling too, and knowing that he wasn’t the only one freaking out made it easier for Reki to wrestle free and finally get back up to his feet. 

“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of lying in the mud.” He held out his hand to Langa, smiling softly. The day reeked of memories, almost as if the universe knew what they had planned and wanted to remind them that they weren’t kids anymore. 

“Do you want to shower together?” Langa reached for his hand like always, gripping tightly. “Would be more convenient.”

Reki didn’t fight the urge for once and dove for those pouty lips he could spend hours kissing. I’ve caught him by surprise, Reki can’t help the thrill that runs through him meeting Langa’s shocked crystalline eyes. He doesn’t take long to catch on though, pulling Reki closer so that even a sheet of tissue paper couldn’t fit between their bodies. 

Kissing had been strange at first. For one thing, Reki had stank breath nine times out of ten; Langa never really knew what aftertaste he’d walk away with and it got to be a not-so-fun game. Reki had thankfully discovered it was due to him eating a combination of wasabi almonds, soda, and onion bread for his afternoon snacks in his workshop. Thinking about the combination of flavors still made Langa’s stomach turn, though Reki claimed that poutine was “actually fowl.”

Once they passed that hurdle, Langa found he liked kissing his boyfriend. Especially the way that Reki would melt against him, his mouth becoming hotter and wetter. It always got him excited for going further, much to Reki’s embarrassment. But Langa found how shy he was just as much of a turn-on, which normally didn’t help the predicament in his pants as he agreed to wait. Seems I’m not the only impatient one anymore though. 

Reki was grinding into him and he could feel the stirrings of an erection. Langa had picked up his skateboard upon standing, but dropped it in favor of hoisting Reki up. He was quicker to react than usual, wrapping his legs around Langa’s wasit almost as soon as he lifted him. Langa opened an eye to ensure they didn’t bump into anything as he walked them toward the nearby fence. He wanted to kiss Reki for as long as he would allow and wanted to tease him a little bit before they headed back to his place. They wouldn’t do anything indecent out here. 

And least, not for our first time. 

“What?” Reki was dazed from the kiss and barely registered the metal fence now at his back. Langa’s pale face flushed bright red and Reki couldn’t help the laugh that rose from his throat. Whatever he’d somewhat heard he clearly wasn’t meant to, which would mean that it was something embarrassing. 

“Well go on, babe; tell me what you said.” He shifted in Langa’s embrace so that their growing erections rubbed against each other. 

“I said,” Langa said slowly, leaning down so that their lips were touching again. “That I won’t do anything indecent out here.” He kissed Reki lighty. “Unless you want me to?”

This time, it was Reki that blushed and he tried to look away from his teasing boyfriend. It made thinking difficult when Langa acted this way and he felt like an overheating laptop, his ability to process new information slowing. 

“Wait, do you want to?” Like a dog with a bone, Langa leaned in again and covered his mouth once more eagerly. 

No you idiot! But it was no use. Reki had forgotten how to speak, consumed with the friction between their bodies and Langa’s hungry kisses. He needed to stop him before the genius took things too far. After all, cumming in his pants would restrict his agility skateboarding home to Langa’s place. 

“I’m serious.” Reki, even in his dazed state, couldn’t help but snort at Langa’s petulant face. “If you don’t stop me now, I’ll take you right here.”

“I-I can’t think!” Everything inside Reki seized at his accidental admission. It was embarrassing enough how his inability to play it cool led to this situation. Now he was admitting to just how affected he was. He might as well just bend over and offer his ass right then and there. Not that I think he’d oppose… 

“Let’s just go already.” He managed to slide back down to his feet, though Langa showed no signs of wanting to leave. 

“I don’t think I can wait that long.” Langa reached for Reki’s face, hoping that he could ensare Reki once more. However, he wasn’t as naive as he seemed and shoved Langa’s hand away. 

“If we don’t leave right now, I… won’t you let do that thing.”

Langa blinked in confusion at first, worried that maybe his kiss really had robbed Reki of his faculties. But then, he was struck with one of the conditions of his win and Langa all but jumped away from him. 

“That thing” was playing with Reki’s nipples. 

Since becoming a couple, their intimate play had largely consisted of hurried handjobs and clumsy head. Recently, in preparation for this day, Langa had pushed his luck; first with what the urban dictionary called “frotting,” where he’d jerk both of them off, dicks sliding against each other. He’d also taken to using Reki’s thighs, thrusting between them from behind as Reki shivered beneath him. And each time, Reki managed to avoid Langa’s wandering hands. It might as well have been a hidden talent of his, so Langa had asked for two things if he won their beef. He’d expected Reki to blush and protest, looking away from him in that cute way that made him feel gooey inside. Yet, Reki had stared him straight in the face and nodded. 

Wait, did he ever give me what his conditions were? 

Taking advantage of the moment, Reki wrestled his way free and grabbed his skateboard as if they hadn’t just been dry humping like dogs in heat. But Langa didn’t care because he realized that Reki had never offered his alternative if he had won the beef. Meaning he’d either assumed he’d lose or…

There’s no way he could have-! But, when Langa played their beef over in his head, it was clear that Reki had given it his all. 

“Hurry up, ya slow poke!” Reki’s voice sounded far off and snapped Langa out his jumbled thoughts. 

It doesn’t matter anyway, he thought, getting a headrush from his excitement. He nearly stumbled mounting his board and took a deep steadying breath before pushing off. It’d suck if he hurt himself after waiting for so long. It would be something out of a cheesy romance book or shōjo manga. 

He managed to catch up with Reki easily enough, most likely because he was coasting. Even though he had both hands in his pockets, Langa could tell from how high Reki’s shoulders creeped up to his ears that he was tense. Which made Langa worry even more. Not only had he done extensive online searching, but he’d also asked Joe for advice. The muscular man had at first blushed and skirted around his questions. Annoyed, Langa had then listed off the things he and Reki had done, which led to Joe covering his mouth with one of his paws, whispering that they’d go up to his apartment after his shift to talk. Despite his earlier behavior, Joe had been straight to the point and informative, only getting flustered when Langa asked if Cherry also liked having his nipples “stimulated.” 

“I call dibs on showering first!” Reki had pulled ahead again as they came closer to his home. Langa had since given him a set of house keys (with his mother’s approval of course). There had been a few times Langa had come home from cram school to find Reki snoozing away defenselessly on his bed. It made him excited for when they graduated, and he had plans for them to move in together. 

I wonder when’s the best time to ask? He’d learned from that time that to ease Reki’s anxieties, he needed to say what was on his mind and what his feelings were. Or else, his Reki would get sullen again. And as cute as his pouting face was to Langa, he hated being the cause of it. 

By the time he locked up behind them, the shower was already going and most of Reki’s clothes laid in a loose trail to the bathroom door. Used to it, Langa picked the garments up and walked toward the laundry. Though they were rank, he couldn’t help but let out a small grin. Not for the first time since moving to Japan did he long for their house back in Canada. It had three bathrooms, meaning that he and Reki could be done at the same time. At least he’ll be naked already. A small consolation.

But did I leave towels? Langa quickly walked back to the bathroom door and knocked. “Reki, do you need towels?”

Langa heard a yelp and the sound of wet skin slipping against porcelain and tried for the handle. It was locked to his annoyance, and he knocked harder. “Babe, are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine,” Reki said weakly as he held onto the faucet, which he’d grabbed blindly to balance himself. 

Even though Langa couldn’t see him, and therefore had no possible idea what he had been doing, Reki felt his body heat up and tingle all over. He hadn’t expected Langa to knock asking such a silly question. Though I should have expected it; he’s such a horn dog. Reki had made sure there were towels before stepping in. 

Once before, Langa had to come in to bring him a drying towel, which had led to Reki being pressed against the bathroom counter, Langa’s dick between his thighs and one of those long fingers circling his slit. It had been more embarrassing than usual because Langa had fixated on the fact that they were in front of the mirror. Reki knew his face wasn’t cute by even the average person’s desperate standards, but seeing his “sexy face” was a whole other world of embarrassment. He’d vowed never again. 

“Yeah, I’m good dude, almost done!” Dude? Seriously? I’m acting like I wasn’t just fingering myself because we’re about to have sex!

He waited for the sound of Langa’s retreating footsteps before reaching for the bottle of lube he’d brought into the shower. When they’d decided their next beef would be related to when their first time would be, Reki had sent a pleading text to Cherry. He knew that he could easily search the web for what he needed to know, but was a little scared of what results the search would turn up. Knowing his luck, the first thing he’d see would be a gaping asshole or genital warts. 

Cherry’s response had been links to a reference book, lube, and condoms. Along with the message: I don’t know how you got this number, but don’t text it again! Reki had expressed his thanks but also asked, What if I have questions? 


And he’d had questions. So many questions. Even though Reki was loath to admit it, he knew he’d be on the receiving end. His gut feeling was mortifyingly confirmed when he got his hands on the reference Cherry had sent him. But, it made him feel better knowing Cherry’s ears were probably pink every time he asked a detailed question. After all, he was answering because he knew firsthand. And if someone like Cherry could deal with it, and from Joe, of all people, then Reki figured it would be fine. 

The first time he’d tried stretching himself out, it stung so bad his eyes watered. He didn’t know if he wasn’t using enough lube or what, but his asshole burned like someone poured acid over it. In response to his pleading messages after the horrifying experience, Cherry had stopped by his home a few days later “in disguise,” with a brown paper bag and a single sentence: “Act like I was never here.”

It had different kinds of lube, more condoms, and a small butt plug. No note though. Not like he should have expected one. But, on his second try using a lubricant that was a little thinner in consistency, it made inserting a finger more like a slight twinge instead of burning pain. Moving his finger had felt weird at first and he jumped at the feeling of something wiggling inside him. Which led to his finger moving slightly and grazing a place that made his balls tighten. Reki knew from the reference material and Cherry’s begrudging advice that he’d found his “G-spot.”

Since then, he had worked his way through the butt plug and up to three fingers. Every time he masturbated, he was in the habit of sticking something up there. In fact, Reki was sure that it was almost impossible for him to orgasm without some kind of anal stimulation. He hoped Langa wouldn’t notice in the thick of things, but Reki also knew it was equally likely Langa would find out immediately and use it to his advantage. 

Is that really a bad thing though? Reki squirted a generous amount of lube over two of his fingers. Leaning forward, at an almost ninety degree angle, he pushed his fingers inside with a long exhale. The faster he relaxed, the quicker he loosened up and the better it would feel. Though, his goal wasn’t to cum, so he tried to think of anything else but the delicious friction between his fingers and his insides squeezing gently. He roughly knew how big Langa was since they’d done everything a couple could do leading up to sex. So, Reki also knew that using  all three of his fingers before getting out of the shower would make things go smoother. 

But what if he thinks that my hole is wide, and he thinks I take big shits? That thought was enough to kill any arousal he felt and he promptly removed his fingers, rinsing them under the warm water. I’ve been in here long enough. 

When he walked back to Langa’s bedroom, he was very much aware that all he wore was a towel around his waist. Langa was on his stomach, facing away from the door and on his phone. Reki tried to sneak up on him, but he turned right as he reached the bed. Those cool blue eyes looked at him from head to toe before settling on the towel around his waist. 

“I won’t be long.” Langa jumped up from the bed and kissed his cheek quickly before making his way to the bathroom. Reki noticed that he didn’t take clothes with him this time. 

Alone again, but in the room where it would happen, Reki pulled out the lube he’d been using and placed it back in his bag for when Langa came back. He’d act all casual, saying he just had some “lying around” and that he thought it might be helpful. He’ll be so excited he won’t think too deeply about it anyway. Or Reki hoped at least. Langa was a professional at surprising him. 

Reki barely had time to get comfortable on the bed and calm his racing heart before Langa walked back into the room, hair still dripping wet and his towel sitting low on his hips. There was a small spattering of navel hair that trailed down until they became hidden by the towel, and Reki couldn’t look away. 

Look who’s staring now, Langa thought to himself with some satisfaction. He’d thought about walking back completely naked, but he didn’t want Reki’s head to explode. Plus, he’d have plenty of other opportunities. Using his foot, he closed the door. 

Should I turn off the light? It was pitch black outside, and the moon was more in shadow than full. And Langa wanted to see every expression Reki made.

“I know what you’re thinking.” Somehow, Reki sounded calm and collected, the opposite of how he usually was when they got intimate. “I brought some stuff in my bag.”

Where did he get all this? Langa loved Reki, he really did, but he knew Reki was not smart enough to think to bring the things he was pulling out of the backpack on his own. Some kind of lamp that looked like a lava lamp but without the lava, two boxes of condoms, a bottle of lube that looked to be three-fourths full, and something cool and metal in an egg shape. Did he also talk to Joe? 

Langa forced those thoughts to cease in favor of focusing on the here and now. Reki had acquired these things because they were going to have sex. In fact, from having these things, it meant Reki had gone into the beef with it on his mind like he’d dared to hope earlier. He acts so embarrassed, but he’s excited too. Langa eagerly took the condom and lubes, leaving the lamp. He could see that Reki was working himself to protest and in a fluid movement, Langa rid himself of his towel and captured his mouth with his. 

He brushed his teeth as well. Langa added tongue to their kiss as he slowly pushed Reki into the mattress. The wool from the towel rubbed against his fast growing erection and he could feel it grow warmer as Reki responded to him. He wanted to take it off him, but Reki’s nipples were open for the teasing because his hands were in his hair, gripping and pulling. When Reki really got into the swing of things, he was a passionate kisser. He was all tongue and loved pulling at Langa’s bottom lip with his teeth. 

Forgetting about the condoms and lube for now, Langa put his arms underneath Reki’s back, lifting him, before reaching for the knot of his towel. It slipped away easy enough and Reki lifted his hips, making it easier for Langa to toss it aside and situate him onto his lap. His heart somehow thudded faster when he felt Reki’s strong legs wrap around his lower back. Langa broke free from their kiss in favor of kissing the base of Reki’s neck as he worked the nerve to brush over his nipples. 

They were already hard and the pads of his fingers scratched against them. Due to their position, their dicks rubbed together and Langa felt precum drip onto him the more he ran the pads of his fingers against Reki’s ever hardening skin. Langa felt Reki release his hair from his grasp as he placed his mouth over a nipple. He looked up through his eyelashes to gauge Reki’s reaction. 

Fuck, he’s looking at me! Reki had initially covered his mouth to repress the moan that almost escaped. Now he covered his face, wanting to hide whatever facial expression he might have been making. With each suck and gentle bite, Reki became wetter and wetter. He’d read in that book that some men could orgasm from nipple play alone, but had thought it was ridiculous. I guess not, he thought as his dick jerked, sliding against Langa’s. 

“Why are you covering your face Reki?” Even without seeing his face, Reki knew Langa was pouting. “I wanna see!”

“N-no way! It’s embarass—ahhh!” Reki’s orgasm was sudden and rippled through him as Langa sucked at his nipple harder. 

“Will you let me see?” Langa’s voice was in his ear now, and a slick finger circled the clenching muscles of his ass hole. 

“I just said it was embarrassing,” Reki buried his face in the crook of Langa’s neck to save face, literally. “J-j-just do it already.”

“Oh, is that what you said?” Langa pushed his lubed finger inside him and Reki sighed, a string of drool dripping from his open mouth. “You were too busy moaning for me to understand.” He pulled out his finger just as slowly. 

“You can put more.” Reki’s desire made him greedy and he sunk back onto Langa’ finger. 

“Have you… fingered yourself before, Reki?” Langa removed his finger from Reki’s ass, though its tightness and warmth made him even more desperate to fuck him. And knowing that it was likely Reki played with himself in preparation made his balls tight. I wanna see him feeling good. 

“Can you show me?” 

He was rewarded with Reki looking at him, though his face was flushed and horrified. Langa had been expecting this to be his reaction, but it was even cuter to see. If I tell him he looks cute right now, he’ll get mad. Though, that side of Reki was cute too. 

“Dude!” Langa felt him tense up. 

Oh crap, he’s gonna want to— 

“… only if you do it too.”

“Eh?” Reki had mumbled it, and Langa was sure that he had misheard him. 

“You heard me.” Reki looked a little less nervous at Langa’s hesitation, giving his dick a small flick. “I’ll do it if you let me see you play with this.”

This side of Reki stole Langa’s breath and sense of reason away, and he nodded eagerly, reaching for his dick. “Okay!”

That was too easy. Reki cursed his fate. Every time he hoped for one thing in regards to Langa, the opposite usually happened. Though they were both eager, he knew they were both embarrassed. He’d hoped that his proposal would make Langa drop it so they could get on with it. Instead, he was readying himself to rub one out in front of him, all for the chance to see Reki’s face as he fingered himself. 

Maybe Cherry was right… This was too much. Sure, he wanted to get down and dirty with Langa; his dreams had left him hard every morning for the last few weeks. In those dreams, they did more than this, Reki’s most recent dream involving “ass-eating.” 

“Reki?” Langa played with his slit, his fingers covered in his precum and remnants from Reki’s earlier orgasm. It was a sensual sight, and some of his resolve crumbled. Seeing Langa lean back on his elbows, slowly stroking himself colored Reki’s vision in scarlet, and he bit his lip. Will he want me as much as I want him if I do it? 

“F-fine.” Reiki reached over the side of the bed for the bottle of lube, squirting a generous amount onto three of his fingers. He could feel Langa’s icy blue eyes on his hand, and again he wished the lights were off. But, I want to fuck so bad! 

Reki closed his eyes and inserted the first two fingers easy enough, biting his lip to suppress his moan. Langa’s finger, though unfamiliar, had reached further inside him and he wished his fingers were as long. Reki could hear Langa’s heavy breathing and sighs, and he clenched at how erotic it sounded. I… wanna see him… He opened an eye slowly.

Their heated gazes met and Langa was close to exploding. He’d seen porn videos of men playing with their ass holes as research and though he found the idea intriguing, he’d been somewhat turned off by some of the videos he’d watched. Asking Reki to do it in front of him had been unadulterated lust taking over. The view in front of him he wouldn’t trade for the world, and Langa was determined to remember it for the future. 

Reiki was gripping his dick as three fingers moved in and out of him, and Langa wondered how long he’d been preparing for their beef. Reiki’s fingers slipped in and out of him easily, making squishy noises that made Langa twitch with longing. 

“I… want your fingers.” Reki’s eyes were glassy with desire, and he tossed the lube at him. “They reach… further inside.”

Where did the cute, embarrassed Reki go? Langa hadn’t expected him to be so… sexy, and he scrambled to coat his fingers in lube. Whatever lapse in judgement Reki was having, he wouldn’t be dissuaded. Langa crawled forward so that he was in front of Reki again and he pulled Reki’s fingers that had been twisting inside him out. 

“I hope you’re ready.”

So freaking… soft! It was hot and wet inside Reki and Langa wanted to switch his fingers for his straining dick. He moved to remove his fingers but Reki reached for wrists. “You’re a little… so like, uh, widen your fingers.” Langa looked up, but Reki had his hands over his face again. Maybe I should tie his hands? 

Langa did what he was told though, and was rewarded with Reki clenching around him. He felt something hard just within reach of his fingertip and pushed his fingers deeper. 

“B-bend your fing—fuck!” Reki’s second orgasm must have been stronger than the first because his hips rose up from the bed, making his cum hit Langa’s chin and upper chest. I must have hit that spot. Reki twitched around his fingers and Langa wished it were his dick instead. 

“You’re really sensitive, aren’t you?” Langa pulled his fingers out, delighting in Reki’s yelp. “Can I put it in now?” He looked up again, half expecting Reki’s face to be completely shielded again. Instead, Reki’s needy face was unexposed, flush like a rose, his brown eyes swimming with tears. 

I want to see more! Langa reached for one of the condoms he’d dumped on the bed when he’d lubed up his finger.  

Please, Langa.”

I might cum from putting the condom on at this rate. Langa took a deep breath but again Reki’s hand reached for his. “Langa, just…” 

He squirmed underneath him and Langa tossed the rubber to the side. He positioned himself at Reki’s quivering hole and thrust his hips forward so that his tip pushed into him. “I think I’m gonna cum as soon as I put it all in.” Langa knew that was something others would be embarrassed about, but he wanted Reki to know just how turned on he was. “I almost came from watching you finger yourself.” Again Reki tried to cover his face and Langa leaned back on his heels reaching for his headband. 

“Wha—?” He grabbed Reki’s wrists easily and bound them in his sweatband, and ducked in between his arms so that they wrapped around his shoulders. 

“I wanna see your face, Reki.” Langa pushed forward so that a little more than his tip was inside. He felt like he was melting from this little bit alone, the warmth and wetness going straight to his balls. 

Reki’s lips suddenly kissed his softly. Langa opened his mouth, humming in satisfaction as their tongues wrestled. Reki’s eyes were closed, and his eyebrows were slanted so far down they met in the middle. Is he nervous?  

“Only if you show me your face.” Langa should have expected this response, but he still blinked in surprise, letting Reki trail kisses all around his face and mouth. “I wanna see what you like as you—”

Langa couldn’t hold back and he pushed open Reki’s legs, using them as leverage. “Let’s cum together Reki.” 

With a single thrust Langa’s balls squeezed and his orgasm made goosebumps ripple across his back. He could feel Reki’s insides spasming around his jerking dick, and cum dripped back down onto the sheets and into Langa’s pubic hair. Reki’s face was wet from his tears and he looked like he was really feeling it. Langa ground his hips. “I hope you’re ready to go again Reki,” he muttered, leaning forward. “I’m not far from done.”

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