Renga Week 2021

These series of fics are about my second favorite red/blue duo, Reki and Langa from SK8 the Infinity! I told y’all the brain rot is real but this is the last of the brain rot for while so enjoy it while you can😘

Day 1: Sleepovers


Kyan Reki still can’t believe Hasegawa Langa, his foreigner best friend and genius skater is now his foreigner boyfriend; though it seems he’s the only one that understands what that means! 

When Langa invites him over one evening, Reki agrees but with some reservations. Though Langa says his mother will be there, Mrs. Hasegawa gets called back to work, leaving them alone. Reki tries to play it cool, and is <em>actually</em> succeeding… until he walks in on Langa having a private moment(¬‿¬)

Day 2: First times (5/15)


Kyan Reki and Hasegawa Langa have been dating for over a year and have yet to take their relationship to “the next level” (mostly because Reki has been too embarrassed). One day Langa half-jokingly suggests that if he wins their next beef, not only will they finally have sex, he can finally play with Reki’s nipples to his heart content. 

Langa is surprised that Reki agrees, unaware that Reki has been secretly planning some things on his own…


Day 4: Date (5/17)

Hasegawa Langa isn’t sure if his best friend, Kyan Reki likes him as just a friend, or more than that. Hoping it’s the latter, he takes some (possibly outdated) advice and invites Reki out for skateboarding. Only, it’s a lie to get him to the amusement park. 

Though Langa’s plan is successful, he’s finding it difficult to say what he needs to and hopes some alone time on the ferris wheel will create the right mood.

Day 5: Switch (5/18)


[Technically the sequel to Spying on Your Boyfriend, Just Don’t Do It!, but this fic can stand alone]

Kyan Reki didn’t mean to spy on his boyfriend Hasegawa Langa the last time they had a sleepover. However, it’s all he can think about, especially because he’s worried that Langa knows what he did. The guilt consumes him until he decides to be honest and apologize for his actions. 

To his shock, Langa does knows what he did, but rather than be turned off, Langa seems… okay with it? And not only that, but reminds Reki of what he said before: “You don’t have to just watch.”


Day 6: Vacations (5/19)


Kyan Reki knows he and his boyfriend Hasegawa Langa don’t have much time before graduation. Though they’ve promised to skate together for infinity, they didn’t promise to attend the same university. Reki plans a vacation for the two of them to Canada their last winter break, hoping to not only learn about snowboarding, but learn how Langa sees their future. 

However, things don’t go quite the way Reki expects them to go.

Day 7: Soulmates (5/20)


Kyan Reki knows he’s good at skateboarding, yet he’s been on a losing streak. He gets a chance to beef with the skateboarding prince, SNOW and jumps at the opportunity. As they are waiting to start, the markings that only appear when one has met their soulmate show up on his ring finger and wrist. 

And to his horror, he sees matching markings on SNOW’s ring finger and wrist as well.

Day 8: Free Day— Canon compliant (5/21)


[Takes place post episode 7/episode 8]

Langa Hasegawa knows something is up, and that it’s related to his impending beef with ADAM. He assumed Reki would bounce back as he always did after their argument in the rain, flashing that goofy grin that makes his heart doki doki. And yet, as he searches the crowd, he doesn’t see his redhead anywhere, and the warmth that had started to fill his chest once again vanishes, leaving only the bitter cold. Then, the combination of Miya’s vague words and gossip he overhears puts the pieces in place, and Langa realizes he’s close to losing someone very important to him once again.

Desperate, Langa knows he has to tell Reki his feelings if he ever hopes to get his sun back.

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