Finally Lovers: Extras

Author’s Note: To celebrate reaching my first Ko-fi goal(🥳) and setting up the next few “big events,” I wanted to release a scene that didn’t make it in the final version that I posted to AO3! Enjoy💕 (I apologize for any and all typos/grammar mistakes)

Ren took a deep breath, feeling his pulse flutter at the base of his throat. “I… am in love with you, Haru. I h-have always loved you, so please…”

Haru reached for him again, this time positioning them so that he lay underneath Ren, with his backside in Haru’s face, and Haru’s sizable member pressed against his cheek. “Then prove it with your mouth.”

“Ha-ack!” Again, Haru’s hot coarse tongue raked over Ren’s hole. 

He could feel pre-cum drip out of him, and flinched from embarrassment. “Ha-haru!”

“I want to feel your tongue on me like you feel mine at your quivering flesh.” 

Ren’s lower stomach clenched as he strained to prevent himself from exploding the moment Haru’s tongue pushed into him. He could feel Haru’s laughter at his reaction, and annoyance cooled some of the desire that had risen to a fever-pitch. With newfound determination, Ren pushed himself up with both hands to position his mouth over Haru’s erection. He worked his jaw open before swallowing most of Haru’s hot flesh in one movement. The tip hit the back of Ren’s throat and Haru’s erection swelled inside his mouth, activating the gag reflex Ren didn’t know he possessed. 

His throat restricted around Haru, spit dribbling from the sides of his mouth. Haru’s hips started to thrust into his mouth and Ren could feel a hand playing with his balls along with fingers at his asshole, slick with something viscous and warm. Haru’s quiet moans filled  Ren with a sense of satisfaction and he ached for the thing throbbing in his mouth to be inside him. 

As if reading Ren’s mind, Haru’s hips stopped thrusting and shifted them so that Ren’s mouth was finally free of the delicious choking hazard. He stiffened at the feel of Haru between his ass cheeks as he faced the curtained window that overlooked part of the town square. 

Ren looked over his shoulder to ask Haru what he was thinking but whatever substance he’d used earlier made Haru’s member glide along his sensitive flesh and robbed him of coherent thought. But, he could see their position had an affect on Haru. 

In the moonlight penetrating through a gap in the curtains, he could make out Haru’s half lidded eyes. The nostrils of his sharp nose flared with each breath he took as he increased the friction between their bodies. Haru’s fingernails dug into the skin at Ren’s hips and he positioned Ren over his straining cock. The knotted tip grazed at Ren’s puckering flesh, and more pre-cum dribbled out of Ren’s jerking erection. Put it inside, please… 

“Go ahead, Ren.” Haru’s deep voices resonated inside him, and he would have agreed to anything Haru said at that moment, regardless of the request.

Ren gripped Haru’s sinewy thighs and lowered his hips. “Argh!

The foreign feeling of heated flesh entering him threatened to blind Ren from pain, and he bit the inside of his cheek to stop from crying out more as he sank lower onto Haru’s girth. He felt as if he were being torn in two, his insides burning and he pitched forward from the pain. Unable to look at Haru, felt the slow movement of Haru’s calloused hands at his back. 

“H-h-haru I c-can’t…” With every deep breath, Haru’s length pushed further inside him, sending small shockwaves of pain and something else up his stiffening spine and straight to his groin. 

“But you are… so close Ren.” Haru’s hands scratched at Ren’s skin as they moved to grip the top of his shoulders. “Do you require my help?”

“Haru, I—” All breath left Ren’s lungs as he pushed him down the rest of his length. 

Tears sprang from his eyes and he fell forward, his grip digging further into the skin of Haru’s pale thighs. He tasted blood again and could feel bits of skin from his inner cheek mix with his spit before he swallowed back a yowl of pain. This hurt, this hurts, this hurts! 

“Relax… Ren.” The strain in Haru’s voice cleared some of the fog the blistering pain left behind. 

Ren glanced over his shoulder again and all thoughts of pain receded at the look of unfiltered pleasure on the older man’s angular face. His head was thrown back against the mountain of pillows, Adam’s apple bobbing with every swallow. Those jewel-like eyes that had never looked away when they were intimate previously, were shuttered behind fluttering eyelids. Haru flexed his fingers into Ren’s skin, leaving imprints behind. 

He’s inside me, and he likes it. 

The pain faded to a dull ache as both men stayed locked in that position, acclimating to the feel of each other. I feel… so full. The sound of their labored breathing gave Ren something to focus on other than the vestiges of pain radiating from his backside.

He held his breath as he slowly lifted his hips, the tight fit of Haru’s member inside him creating friction so intense Ren’s hips dropped down in response. This feeling…

Panting, Ren managed to completely lift him and the sudden emptiness he felt made him sink back onto Haru’s glistening cock. Large hands still gripped Ren tightly, but did little to control his movements. As he continued struggling to accommodate Haru’s length, any residual pain evaporated to warmth pooling in his groin. The sound of slapping flesh filled the room and Haru’s grunts made Ren grin despite himself.  That he could incite such a reaction from the Haru filled him with pride. 

But I want… to see his face… 

Ren opened his mouth to ask if they could face each other when Haru suddenly reached forward and grabbed his arms from their death grip on his thighs. “I cannot be gentle anymore.”

Haru wrestled Ren’s arms behind his back, which increased his leverage before thrusting into Ren all at once. The sudden movement in combination with Haru’s knotted tip finding Ren’s sweet spot made him cry out as his orgasm rippled through him, some spattering onto the top of Haru’s legs. 

That didn’t stop Haru’s sudden furious movements however, the force of each thrust shaking Ren’s teeth. Each time he hit Ren’s sweet spot and Ren gave up on swallowing his moans. 

“H-haru, going to c-c—”

“Again?” Still holding his arms, Haru maneuvered Ren’s weakening body so he was face down. “I have yet to cum even once.” 

Ren felt Haru’s large chest over his arched back, and Haru’s free hand gripped the base of his twitching erection. “Bear with me a tad longer, and I will spoil you the next round.”

The more Haru thrusted into him, the more pent up Ren felt. The hand gripping the base of his straining cock became somewhat painful as it choked off Ren’s pending release. The intensity grew exponentially as Haru continuously slammed into him, and all Ren could do was cry into the mattress. Over the sounds of flesh meeting flesh, Ren could now hear Haru’s guttural moans. I want… to see his face…

Even though it strained his neck, Ren twisted to try and catch a glimpse of the man who stole his heart and virginity. 

The veins in Haru’s neck looked like thin corded ropes under pale skin, straining from the waves of pleasure rippling through him. His eyes, which had been shut tight opened, and the desire smoldering there made Ren clench tighter around Haru’s wildly twitching member. 

“Let’s cum….” Haru grunted, ramming into Ren furiously, “together!”

Ren fought to keep his eyes on Haru, even as the hand restricting his orgasm released him. With a final thrust that Ren felt all the way in his lungs, both men fell apart from the strength of their release. Warm, hot liquid spilled inside Ren as Haru lay over him slightly out of breath. 

The insides of Ren’s legs became slick with Haru’s cum as the other man slowly pulled his semi-erect member from inside him. Ren slumped to lay flat on his full stomach, eyes closed and a small smile gracing his lips. Finally… 


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