Danger Zone— Mr. Sharpe/Rabbit [Sharpe & Rabbit] EXCERPT

*This was prize for VVBG who donated the most during Tapas Inksgiving 2020. No word count was specified*

John Sharpe couldn’t calm down. 

He, a veteran spy, trained in all things from shooting thousands of feet away to killing a man with his bare hands, suddenly had the nerves of your average junkie. To make matters more laughable, his jitters were caused by the junkie next to him. Well, it’s not his fault he’s a junky, is it?

AJ had been a former student of his, years ago when he’d stepped away from this life. But as time often did, ushered in changes in not just his former student’s circumstances, but John’s as well. Now, he was back to carrying out plans for The Organization while getting help from said former student turned stripper “Rabbit.”

John had gone into this job determined to exploit whatever vulnerable employee under his target, Warren. He didn’t count on it being the same student that propositioned him so long ago. The one student that if he were being honest with himself, had always regretted not doing more for back then. The same student, now a stripper, had danced on him and then when they got in the car to go back to his “home,” revealed that they’d just put a performance on his for his rapist. 

And while all these thoughts swirled in his head, the one that had him clutching the steering wheel a little too tightly was the memory of AJ’s thin frame writhing in his lap. It’s just the guilt knowing he’s been living that way, he reasoned with himself, lightening up on the gas pedal. They were almost to the turn into the woods leading to his house and if one wasn’t careful, they’d easily miss the road. 

“Do you visualize the future Mr. Sharpe?” AJ’s voice was thick from the tears he’d shed earlier. 

He turned a little too quickly onto the side road, feeling the muscle under his eye twitch. “When I’m not working yes, I do.” It was a half-truth, and John could feel those dark eyes drilling into his profile. 

“What do you—”

“Are you good with any kind of weapon?” He interrupted, coming to a stop as his home loomed over them in shadow. “Things might get a little tense in the coming days.”

“Does that mean, like, you’re close?” 

Just like a rabbit. John couldn’t help the small grin on his lips at AJ’s eager tone. Then the young man’s words played in his head again, and his heart rate picked up speed to accompany his skittering pulse. He needed out of this damned car, now

Read the rest on AO3

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