Contingency— Superman/Batman [Justice League] EXCERPT

*This fic was an art share/gift without a word count specification*

Final word count: 1221

Other specifications: It wasn’t requested, but I made Superman a little… devious. My giftee LOVED it. In fact, I’ve included a special something they did at the end💦

Clark Kent tried to look on the bright side of things. 

He really did; I mean he was the Superman. But, there was something about his work partner that since the day they met, robbed him of this ability. Maybe it was ego, knowing that he, the all powerful alien who saved humanity time and time again had to report to a simple human with fancy toys. 

This is what he wants Clark, he scolded himself, pacing the length of the control room. You’ve been… co-workers for over a year now. Just stay focused. 

But it was easier said than done. Clark took another deep breath in hopes of settling his nerves, but to no avail. There was no one on Earth, no, the galaxy, that annoyed him as much as the rich playboy Bruce Wayne. 

When he felt the angry flush in his cheeks and neck abade, he sunk into the nearest chair and loosened his tie. To say the meeting could have gone better was an understatement. The Director had given the team and ultimatum with the current climate: disband or be brought in under observation. As if we were anything like that fucking “squad, the nerve! 

And of course, the stoic, know-it-all had overplayed their hand without consulting any of them. They were lucky to escape to their secret base alive, and it was only a matter of time before the Director tracked them down. They’d have no choice but to go under surveillance or even worse, become a part of the “kill switch initiative.” Once they were apprehended, and they would be eventually, they’d be glorified prisoners. 

“I can hear your incessant thoughts from here,” the object of his ire said from behind him. “You should have more faith in your team leader.”

That was the final straw. 

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