A Normal Life— Tokyo Ghoul, Kichimura/Jūzō [EXCEPRT]

Commissioned Word Count: 2K

Actual Word Count: 2,000

Special notes: For both characters to have a happy ending

It was raining. 

The kind of rain that pounded into you and had you soaked to the bone in seconds if you were unlucky enough to forget an umbrella. And naturally, Jūzō Suzuya was unlucky enough to be umbrella-less and still a seven-minute walk away from home. He’d taken his chances when he left for work that morning, assuming that it was too early in the season for rain. But, getting the hang of a new country and new climate proved harder than Jūzō thought. His clothes were already so water-logged that moving in haste was difficult, adding to the problem. 

Wish I had learned to drive! That was a worry for another day though; for now, Jūzō chose to suck it up and take off in as much of a sprint as he could manage. I’d have to fake all my credentials anway.

The discomfort reminded him of the clothes he used to wear back then. Skirts, dresses, all things girly initially for her, and he felt that part of him that was forever numb tingle. He slowed to a jog. After he had been separated from Madam, he’d donned girls’ clothes again for the sake of “the mission”: to infiltrate a ghoul hideout. The promise of violence and ghoul blood spilling in bucket loads helped him push past the humiliation. He had wished dressing up like a girl wasn’t a part of his skillset at the time, but it led to a victory that he still savored to this day. But, at least I would have been home by now. Dresses left a lot of freedom of movement for the legs, something that Jūzō could begrudgingly admit he missed. But not much else from that time. In fact, he’d moved across the globe to get away from it all, but as they said, he couldn’t escape his mind. His only respite, oddly enough, was the person he was running home to, someone from those dark times.

Just thinking about Washū Kichimura eased some of the chill from the rain and Jūzō only grew warmer when he turned the corner where their apartment was. They had chosen a building with only a few stories on the outskirts of the city. It had been recently renovated so though the outside looked dilapidated and grimy, the inside shined with hardwood floors and fresh grey paint. It was out of the way, on a quiet street, and Jūzō let out a happy sigh. From this distance he could see the light from their unit’s living room window. Though the curtains were mostly drawn. Old habits die hard. 

“I hope he bought some caramels like I asked,” he hummed to himself, pulling out his keycard and keys. The hallway was well lit, almost hurting his eyes as they adjusted to the change in lighting. Though there were apartments on this floor, Jūzō couldn’t hear a peep from any of them, and his shoulders relaxed. It was quiet and warm. Almost there…

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