A Good Day for Thongs— Zoro/Sanji [One Piece] EXCERPT

*This fic was a commissions of 2K words, and What Bras Are For (part two) was a gift.*

Actual word count: 5K

Special requests: the sexual position in ‘A Good Day for Thongs’ based on a NSFW panel from a manga; lingerie

A Good Day for Thongs

“That dress looks absolutely stunning on you Sanji-san!” The other “women” crowded around him, touching the silky material reverently, some going so far as to trace his delicate stitching at the seams. “It’s a crime only we’ll see you shining this brightly!”

“Thank you ladies,” Sanji responded, giving into his urge to do a little twirl. “I’m happy it’s only us because no one else would appreciate the work I’ve—”


They all froze at the noise, wincing as it was followed by sounds of tearing and shouts from down the hill. Today, it had been Sanji’s turn to hold the monthly tea on the island. Since splitting with the rest of his crew, the Straw Hats, to fulfill their vow to grow stronger, Sanji had given himself over to the “women” of the island. 

Though they scared him at first, and sometimes still did with their enthusiasm. However, they were true masters at his style of fighting. In fact, just fending them off in the beginning made his kicks pack a heavier whallop than before. Sanji was starting to lose track of time, falling deeper into his new reality. 

One that consisted of dresses, curly wigs doused in hairspray, and tons of makeup. And of course they loved their tea. It was an honor to hold the ceremonies and he’d gone all out today: he’d chosen the blonde wig Shirely made for him, with bangs and ringlets, the length of it falling just above his hips. He’d stitched his own dress, a forest green number that exposed his shoulders and trailed in the grass. He’d forgone shoes, anticipating he and the other ladies would spar after the usual gossip. 

But now, they had an intruder. A loud one at that. One that couldn’t stop cursing like the sailors of his childhood. A voice with a growling timbre complaining that he had no idea where he was though he followed Persona-chan’s directions. 

There’s no way… Forgetting himself and those behind him, Sanji stumbled toward the commotion, not even trifling with lifting his dress up. There’s no way that idiot is—! 

But alas, at the bottom of the hill, in the rose bushes, was that Straw Hat. The one that grated his nerves more than anything. Roronoa Zoro. 

“Perona-chan lied, though I shouldn’t be surprised,” Zoro continued to grumble as he dusted off the shrubs and then stood. “This ain’t a training facility.”It was at that moment that Sanji remembered two things: he was wearing a dress and said dress was somehow the exact shade as the hair of the man that stood in front of him, oblivious to his presence. 

As if reading his thoughts, Zoro finally looked up, catching his shocked gaze. “What are you supposed to be?”

Sanji had limited options. He could run, but the directionally challenged oaf would just follow him, and in that stupid way that he had, pester him for directions. If he responded, there were two outcomes: he’d either recognize his voice and never let him live this down or he’d sneer at him and not only insult him, but the others as well. Though all outcomes were bad in their own way, Sanji didn’t want to cause problems for his Sensei’s. 

“I thought we were supposed to be getting stronger, idiot; shouldn’t that mean you’re better with directions by now?”

Zoro blinked at him. Once. Twice. And then a flurry of blinking before that shit eating grin made its way to his face. It was the grin Sanji despised the most not only for how condescending it felt, but because it emphasized his sharp jawline, that in the time apart, had grown sharper. “Sanji?! It’s you?”

And then came the laughter. Deep and sardonic as he took a step toward him. Still as immature and rude as ever. He could only watch as his fellow crew mate pointed at various aspects of his appearance, making comments between peals of laughter. Yeah, yeah, yeah get it all out now asshole. 

“I always,” Zoro gasped, finally getting control of himself, “thought you were a bit girly, but I didn’t know it went this far!” He wiped a tear from his eye. 

“I wouldn’t expect a brute like you to understand, even if I dumbed it down to your level,” Sanji snapped, pulling at his dress so that his shoulders weren’t exposed anymore and then crossing his arms. As if that would erase the feeling of vulnerability spreading through him. “What are you doing here anyway? And where have you been?”

Zoro laughed again, though softer this time and for not as long. “Some creepy mansion.” Using his pinky he picked at his nose, finally looking at their surroundings. “Perona-chan dropped me at the shore earlier because Mi—” He abruptly cut off. 

“Because…” Sanji pressed, unable to resist the urge to put his hands on his hips. 

He disliked most things Zoro did, but he really couldn’t stand when the normally easy to read man turned opaque. One could feel the wall closing down between them when Zoro got like this, and usually no matter how one pestered him, he wouldn’t say what his tiny little brain was thinking. 

“I was told to train here, but obviously ghost girl is messing with me.” He flicked his finger before gripping one of his swords. “Maybe she sensed you trying to become a woman, and sent me here to stop you?” 

It was a joke in poor taste, as most of Zoro’s jokes at Sanji’s expense were, but it hit that part of him that had been ashamed of his new way of life, even though he felt freer and stronger than he ever had in his life. And the worst of his crew had seen him in this state and said aloud the very thing that nagged away at him… 

Sanji marched toward Zoro, who was now leering at him, putting power into his feet. I’m going to stomp this bastard, once and for all. So intent on making the other man eat his words, Sanji didn’t notice the large rock sticking out from the ground, and it snagged at the hem of his dress. The sound of it ripping faded into the background as he pitched forward, losing his balance. 

How embarrassing, he couldn’t help but think, as Zoro’s eyes widened in surprise and muscular arms, have they always been this defined, reached out to stop him. Sanji fell into the other man’s hard chest, and he felt a large, warm hand at his lower back as they now laid on in the grass. 

Sanji felt his cheeks flame, the flush spreading to his ears as he felt cool air blowing over his now exposed lower half. If the dress hadn’t been enough, his underwear was exposed. Which, if he was wearing the kind men normally wore, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, to prevent the others from talking about panty-lines, he’d opted for skimpy lace. A choice he regretted now as Zoro’s hand drifted lower. 

“You really are turning into a girl!” The strong body underneath him shook with laughter. “Just wait until I tell the others about this, Luffy’s gonna—”

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