My commission availability is subject to change due to work load, but will generally be open the beginning of every month with 3-5 slots max. You can DM me on social media or if you want a SFW commission, go through Ko-fi. I’ve also included art shares and gifts because they require the same process. *I have permission to share these commissions from their respective clients. Links correspond to a sample of the titles.*

Anime Fandom

My Hero Academia

Mirio/Tamaki [WIP APR/MAY 2021]

One Piece

A Good Day for Thongs


Vinsmoke Sanji has been away from his crew, the Straw Hats for a few months now, stranded on an island full of feminine men. Before he knows it, he’s embraced the curled wigs, frilly dresses, and won’t be caught dead leaving his quarters without a full face of make up! But, it’s all for the sake of getting stronger! Not that his crew would understand that, especially a certain three sword carrying, directionless bonehead.

But one day, said bonehead, the Roronoa Zoro, comes tumbling from the sky catching him and the other “ladies” during afternoon tea. As he feared, Zoro doesn’t understand at all and before he knows it they’ve revert back to how they were on the ship: at each other’s throats. But Sanji has a surprise in store for that arrogant swordsman, a lesson to show him who’s the superior of the two.

[Commissioned by littlexfujoshi and posted with her permission]

Tokyo Ghoul

A Normal Life | AO3

The sight would be enough to make any human sick.”

Jūzō Suzuya managed to escape the CCG and the world of ghouls during a covert mission with his partner, Washū Kichimura. It’s been ten years since their daring escape, and they live the normal, quiet life they’ve always wanted.

On the night of their ten year anniversary of freedom, and being together, Jūzō comes home to a doting Kichimura and a fancy dinner. He decides to pull out the big guns to remind his partner of that night only to find…

[canon deviation]

Other Fandom


Black Panther

Yes, Your Majesty

American CIA agent Everett Ross has been working with the King of Wakanda and Black Panther, T’Challa for years. Over time, as they’ve worked more jobs together, they’ve grown close. But not that close. However, when the Reverend Achebe starts making a move into Wakandaian territory, T’Challa enlists his help.

They manage track their target to Hong Kong and just as T’Challa and Agent Ross are searching the Reverend’s rooms, he comes back! So, they hide in the armoire. What neither of them counted on were the guests that he brings. And Agent Ross sure didn’t plan on getting aroused as he’s pressed against the object of his affections for the past few years.

What happens when T’Challa notices his “partner’s” predicament?

[Commission Request, posted with customer’s permission]


Justice League

Contingency | (Art share/Gift)

Clark Kent has had better days.

Since his near defeat at the hands of Bruce Wayne, the glorified playboy who gallivanted around in a bat suit of all things, his life had been less than super. Just when he was finally mending his pride, the object of his ire puts not just him, but their entire team in danger. Now on the run, the Justice League has gone underground.

Just as he’s lamenting over losing just about everything he cares for, he spots Bruce in the control room acting as if everything was fine.

Superman has more than a few things to say to his “team leader”…

Kid Icarus

Hot Gushing Springs [SUBS ONLY]

Original Character

Sharpe & Rabbit

Danger Zone | (Tapas Inksgiving 2020 Winner)

John Sharpe is trying to do his job as a secret agent and get his mark: Warren.

Warren who as luck would have it, has a former student of his under his employ. AJ ‘Rabbit’ agreed to help John catch his prey, but John didn’t count on all his regrets regarding the young man to come swirling to surface. It also doesn’t help that Rabbit works as a stripper. A fact that John has actively ignored thinking about until he’s forced to convert the reality he played a role in. Has John become Rabbit’s prey instead?

[This scene takes place immediately after Episode 29, ‘Save Point’]

Summary ‘Sharpe & Rabbit‘ by VVBG

AJ, aka Rabbit, works at a seedy nightclub in order to survive. He dreams of saving up enough money to finally leave town… until the night his former high school math teacher, Mr. Sharpe, walks in. Little did AJ know Mr. Sharpe, is actually a deadly ex-hitman?! When Mr. Sharpe’s former employer asks him to take on a dangerous mission, unfortunately for AJ, he’s the perfect partner for the task. If AJ helps him, Sharpe promises freedom from his terrible life. It’s an offer AJ can’t refuse…