9/03/2020 UPDATE: Please see the details below😘

I would first like to say thank you for checking out my website and being curious enough to click your way to this tab💝

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I originally planned to have the website as a fun aside to posting my work on forums like Tapas and Inkitt and then offering advanced content through Patreon. But as we all know, Patreon’s recent changes are a little less than friendly with those that create BL content, and with the recent lawsuit against Patreon things aren’t looking too good for creators like me trying to get their start. So I did some digging for alternatives and WordPress offers some cool plug-ins. Even so, I was still on the fence about it but then WordPress had a flash sale on the plan I’d been eyeing and violá here we are.

I will be using Ko-fi for now, which now appears as a little “button” at the bottom of all the webpages on my site!

By clicking said button at the bottom of my webpages, you will be taken to my Ko-fi page! For each milestone I reach, I’ll do something special depending on what readers want!

Thank you for your continued support!