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I would first like to say thank you for checking out my website and being curious enough to click your way to this tab💝

I originally planned to have the website as a fun aside to posting my work on forums like Tapas and Neovel and then offering advanced content through Patreon. Though I had been skeptical at first, I’ve found that Patreon seems to be sticking by creators. So, I’ve jumped platforms!

Riza (FujoshiTings) is now on Patreon

You can now choose actual tiers on my page for monthly pledges or become a patron, which is free and means you generally follow my Patreon page. Most posts will be tiered content, but for public releases etc., Patrons will be able to see those posts/links.

Here is my updated tier information from Patreon. I had to change some prices due to Patreon’s transaction fee (basically all tiers are a dollar more, except sopping which had more of an increase). I also changed what’s available as bonuses for the tiers, so make sure to give everything a good read! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me🤗

What about Ko-fi?

While I have cancelled my Ko-fi Gold plan, I will be keeping the page for one-offs and different writing-related goals I have. For example, I currently have a Ko-fi goal for a writing tool called Grammarly open. I’m aware that monthly support can add up for people, even though they might want to support me. Keeping my Ko-fi page is a way to do that!

By clicking the Ko-fi button at the bottom of my webpages, you will be taken to my Ko-fi page! On my Kofi page you will see what my current goal is! For each milestone I reach, I’ll do something special depending on what readers want so please consider donating here if you can’t make a monthly pledge!

Thank y’all for the continued support and I can’t wait to releasing all my current and future projects💫