1/08/2021 UPDATE: Monthly Subscription Now Open🤗

I would first like to say thank you for checking out my website and being curious enough to click your way to this tab💝

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I originally planned to have the website as a fun aside to posting my work on forums like Tapas and Neovel and then offering advanced content through Patreon. But as we all know, Patreon’s recent changes are a little less than friendly with those that create BL content. So I did some digging for alternatives and finally decided that Kofi Gold was a good alternative.

To access the appropriate tiers for exclusive content, please check out this post on my Kofi page that explains the tiers and how to sign up. I’ve also added them here for your convenience as well!

If you wanna support me but can’t commit to monthly payment, there’s the handy Kofi “button” at the bottom of all the webpages on my site (pictured below)!

By clicking said button at the bottom of my webpages, you will be taken to my Ko-fi page! On my Kofi page you will see info for commissions as well as what my current goal is! For each milestone I reach, I’ll do something special depending on what readers want so please consider subscribing and/or donating!

Lastly, if you wanna see some of my BL content but can’t support, you can follow my Kofi account (for free) and see all posts that I mark for “everyone”🤗

Thank y’all for the continued support and I can’t wait to start releasing these projects💫