Hello! リーザ 増山 here!

As it says on my home page and in my welcome message, my (pen) name is Riza Masuyama and my pronouns are she/her(s). I am 23 years old, and while I am heterosexual, I identify as Aromantic and Demisexual💜🖤

This website came out of a lot of things, but mostly all this started on Twitter with my desire to review BL and connect with other Fujin around the globe. With my first BL con under my belt thanks to the awesome FujoCon hosted by the lovely BL Garden DFW, and interacting with so many artists and writers again, the place in my brain where characters used to reside became a little more lively. Even so, as an avid reader and storyteller in general, it’s not surprising that I’m now trying my hand at writing BL😅

I can’t wait to share not only my fan fiction (which will most likely have not-so popular fandoms or ships/couplings), but my original work and characters as well! I already have one short BL work completed so expect to see more in the coming weeks🥳

Lastly I want to thank you for clicking on this website link, and being curious enough to want to know more about me🥰 I hope that you enjoy everything I have to offer (and you might want to check back on this tab in a few months… you never know😘)