FujoCon— What Better Way to Loose My Con Virginity (abridged version)

Hello again everyone!

This blog post is honestly so overdue, but the end of 2020 was even more of a warmed over pile of heated garbage than the first half. At first I felt a little bad/guilty/whatever similar meaning word you want to insert about not “keeping up with the times” and all that other stuff. But, I’ve come to realize if y’all wanna know what I think about BL-related things, the timing won’t really matter. So, (for the first time in my life) I’ve taken the approach of: better late than never!

As the title of this post says, my first ever con experience was FujoCon!

Like any great friendship, the exact moment FujoCon appeared on my radar I am not sure. But it was early on back when I wasn’t really sure what a con was supposed to be. But, the more information they put out (and the more I talked to BL twitter), I got more and more excited. I didn’t even care that a once-in-a-century pandemic ruined the in-person aspect of the con experience; I genuinely was just happy to be registered for a free event that promised to offer me a fun weekend of a hobby that was (and is) taking over my existence.

You guessed it: BL! (Slight tangent, but it’s really funny to be writing this post so late because I have hindsight.)

What I liked about FujoCon was the variety of events!

There were games, panels for fun, scholar-led panels, publisher panels, and so many lovers of BL in “one place”! The start of FujoCon was during a time where I was very stressed from graduate examinations. So having a few days to talk to other BL fans about our love for 2D men was a lifeline for me. The sense of community and honest friendships I made through FujoCon I wouldn’t trade for the world either!

I appreciated the diversity in events and panels because I would go from a crash course in Japanese to winning a prize playing family feud! The Artist Alley was icing on the cake and I discovered so many dope artists (many of which I’ve since commissioned)! I really appreciated that FujoCon also highlight BIPOC artists as a Black woman; it’s always nice to see the events you support offer that same support and visibility to members of your community.

Some things I wasn’t expecting were: meeting so many other writers, other Black BL fans, other asexual/demisexual BL fans, and friends that I will meet in person once the simulation fixes. It was everything I could ask for in a con experience (as a first-timer).

I could go on for days about why FujoCon was and is so special to me, but the best way to explain how transformative it was? Register to attend this year’s FujoCon which is right around the corner!

Click this link to check out the schedule and register! FujoCon is also very active on Twitter as well as the group that’s blessed Fujo’s everywhere, the BL Garden DFW club! I hope to see y’all there!

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