The Burdens We Hide (SFW)— Q&A

What inspired you to write about Chūishi and Aoto? 

I had this idea about someone who doesn’t look before crossing the street because they aren’t scared to die (◑_◑). And that thought came from me remembering my parents always scolding me for recklessly crossing streets. Once I thought of the character concept, I asked, “But why are they like this?” 

At that time it wasn’t a BL. I got to like half a page and put it away for almost a year. And then, after becoming a fujo I felt the spark to write again. One of the first drafts I opened was this one. After reading over what I wrote, Aoto appeared. 

What are the guys’ dream job?

That’s a good question. 

Though Chūishi struggles with the control his father has over his life and future, he puts up with it largely because he wants to become a doctor. He likes working with children and plans to become a pediatrician (though his father assumes he’s on course to become a surgeon). 

Aoto may seem like a free spirit, but he wants to become an architect. He likes building things and completing projects He wants to go to America for work once he’s graduated, hence his needing an English tutor ツ

What was Toma’s impression of Aoto?

You know, I would say that his protests weren’t made wholeheartedly. And that he has a thing for beauty marks and pale skin. 

What influences you when you write?

Usually vague ideas that I think “ooohh I would like to try and write this!” Like a recent WIP came to me from thinking about having someone who looks one way and like they’d be into one kind of thing, but really they’re the opposite. And thus a seven foot tall chef was born. Ko-fi subs have already seen his Sims design and read a bit about him(っ^▿^)

What comes to you first? Characters? Plot? Random tidbits?

It depends on the project. For TBWH I guess it was a mix of character and tidbit..? For When Gods Collide it was characters (“I want to write about a pirate and navy soldier/sailor”). My original works are very much character driven. 

For fan fiction, it’s usually a bit more plot driven since the characters are known and already have source material. 

What is something that is not necessarily a secret, but that very few people around them know about Chūshi or Aoto?

Aoto: When he’s really angry, he likes to smoke cigarettes 

Chūshi: He has a weak stomach, so long car/train rides make him queasy. 

According to themselves, what are their best/worst sides?


I’m only answering this because she’s making me. But I’m good at anything I put my mind to, and don’t really have a  bad side. 


I’m good at pushing through bullshit, but I can be hot tempered. Especially when it comes to that jackass. 

How would the boys handle quarantine?

This is such a good question!! 

I’m sure that Aoto would at first be put out at having to stay home but would eventually tap into his hermit like tendencies. Though melancholy would eventually settle in. 

For Chūshi, he’d be an abiding citizen since he wants to go into healthcare. But all bets would be off if he was staying with his father alone.

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