Results from my quarterly survey!

For those that didn’t know, I recently sent a survey that was geared toward understanding how readers feel about my website(s), OC projects, fics, and Ko-fi as a support platform. I’m still taking feedback, so please click this link to take the survey if you haven’t already (will take 5 mins max🥺)!

I know I have been slacking on posting for my BL review blog, and I promise I’ll be getting back to it! At the risk of getting too personal, (finally) seeing a therapist confirmed a lot of things I’ve felt about my mental health. Treating my blog like a job makes me dread having to do it, even though I usually have fun with those posts. So, my loose goal is to post a BL review once a month and as I get into a better place, post them more regularly🤞🏾.

As for my writing, the pressure from posting has always been hard on me. Fun fact, I used to post my YA stories in middle/high school to sites like Quizlet (RIP), Mibba (RIP), and Wattpad (still alive and kicking but might as well RIP). I joked back then that the moment I posted my work publicly, it was a kiss of death both that project, and my creativity. It seems I haven’t matured much on this front😅

For now, both OC projects and fics will be for Ko-fi subs only. For more details on what you’ll be missing click here. For WIP snippets, I’ll release those to the public a few weeks after subs see them. Those links will either be in linked on the ‘Open Access’ pages or ‘Upcoming Projects’ once made live. For short one-shot fics, I will be posting those to AO3 when I am a good place (i.e when I feel like it lol).

For what’s coming in May, make sure to check the ‘Upcoming Projects‘ page (two months in advance)! Additionally, this week’s BL review post might seem familiar and isn’t quite a review (what can I say, need to build up a queue of my posts again). Regardless, look forward to it and thank you all as always ✨

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