2021: The Year of Reclamation and New Beginnings

By this lofty title alone y’all should know I’m back to my usual shenanigans but with some updates and a more in-depth explanation (because I also know y’all probably sick of me taking breaks lol😂)

So, as both a content creator and sharer, being constantly plugged in means you’re constantly exposed to all sorts of writing, comics, manga, manhwa, you name it. And because you love it, you dive all in and you wanna see more and engage with the creators and other fans because having a community is nice. It’s nice to know there are others who squee at an age gap just like you and who share the same OTP. And even when that’s not the case, just having someone else out there that also enjoys BL media like you is a gift. For creators, it’s jaw-dropping to have others respect your craft and your position while hyping you up.

But, sometimes wires short circuit; being constantly plugged in for so long you get a little fried. Rather than it being fun to gush about the newest license from Tapas on the next SuBLime pre-order, it feels daunting. And if you decide to forego that title, seeing (seemingly suddenly) everyone talking about it makes that gross feeling of FOMO set in. And you forget why you started reading what you read and why you joined the community in the first place.

And, as a creator you already compare yourself to others you admire or have the following you envision for yourself. So that icky feeling of your passion feeling like a chore carry over into what you produce as well. It’s hard too because you weren’t blessed with an artistic hand, but a mind full of words and characters that talk to you and demand you tell their stories. So you take comfort in having that space to let those characters dance on the page (well, computer screen).

But it’s just words.

No one says that, but the feeling starts to grow as you write seemingly into the void. You cherish each like/kudos/favorite/etc. and stare at the few comments in awe that someone actually commented and actually liked what you did.

Still, you can’t help but compare. And it makes talking to the characters you love harder and harder. So, you do some soul searching because this is just not it; you want to enjoy your mutuals and reading again. You want to keep telling these stories. So, you decide to take a true, real break (because before you still lurked, feeling like you had to live and breathe BL).

During this time you realize several things:

  • Your expectations need to be tweaked to your reality (this isn’t to say that you don’t know your worth because honey, you are fabulous, but you have to get your priorities in check).
  • Who said that you have to know and read every little thing?
  • This is your hobby and passion, something that brings you joy and respite from the monotony of life.
  • The way to be happy is to be you fearlessly, but rationally and always, always stay positive.

I chose to write the above spiel in second person because I think it’s helpful for my readers, mutuals, followers, whoever is reading this, to get a true understanding for why I kept taking breaks and dropped off at the end of the year. I’m someone who when I love something and am passionate about it, I will give my all including my right leg and left arm. But that level of dedication I’ve learned has to be in balance.

2020 was a shitty dumpster fire, and I know it contributed to some of the more negative feelings I started to have when constantly being “plugged in.” But, like I outlined above, I’ve centered myself again. For real this time. Consulted with my guardian angels and the universe for the reality check I needed.

And I am happy to be back. I’ve done so much in the time apart like read. And not just BL😳 I got back to watching anime which I’d been letting fall to the wayside and it’s Black Clover nation now🍀

I’ve also got some content I’m more than stoked to share with everyone which I’ve detailed below. Bear with me of course as I learn my way and make these changes and edits in the coming weeks!

What to expect in 2021…

FujoshiTings BL Reviews

  • Rating: I’ve decided to change my scale from 0.0-10.0 to 0-5 stars🤩 I think it’ll be easier for me and easier on y’all if y’all use my ratings to measure how much you do or do not want to read the reviewed title. Of course, if there are complaints I will revise once again!
  • Schedule: I don’t want to over promise because there’s a lot of work I put into my reviews, which is why I couldn’t keep up! My goal is to not only share my thoughts, but to do so while respecting the mangakas/creators. Which means editing speech/thought bubbles, cropping, choosing the right panels that don’t spoil but support whatever point I wanna make, watermarking (esp. for manhwa and webcomics)! And then there’s getting all the links for where to buy, the social media information, etc. Regardless, I’m shooting for Sundays at 7:00 PM. If this time is not a good one, please let me know and I’ll revise! Hopefully I can keep my buffer going so I can stay on schedule🤞🏾
  • No more video edits, BUT nicely placed screenshots!

Riza Masuyama’s BL (FujoshiTings)

  • WIPs: Though I haven’t reached my current Kofi goal for my projects The Burdens We Hide (TBWH) and Overtime (KnB), I was able to commission both artists! So first a HUGE thank you to Neptune and RoXino for being talented and understanding artists! I don’t think I can explain just how long I’ve been working toward this and it still doesn’t feel real!
  • Kofi Gold: Yes, you read that right! I went Kofi Gold💛 So what does that mean? It means y’all can now subscribe monthly to my Kofi page for exclusive access to content! The “tier” info is laid out on my page as well as terms/instructions, but I’ll reproduce here as well🤗
  • Releases: I plan to update my upcoming projects page soon, but I have TBWH, Overtime, and When Gods Collide (WGC) coming up soon so please be on the look out once those links are live! If you don’t wanna miss out then check out my Kofi and subscribe (you can find the button to my Kofi at the bottom of the page💫)

Subscribing to FujoshiTings

This information as I said above is also on my Kofi page but here are the sheets detailing all the bonus content and goodies you get with subscription🥰

Kofi doesn’t let you set up tiers like this however, so you’re probably a little confused.

What Kofi does allow you to do is choose an amount to donate for each month with a memo message. So, for those that want the upper tier content, make sure to adjust the donation amount and write in the message field your contact info: the name you would like to be referred to as, your username, and your email.

I’ve also linked the Kofi blog post I made announcing these tiers here so please read that as well!

I look forward to 2021; let’s all do our best🎆

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