Tapas: Why I’m a #tapasfujo

I want to preface this review by saying that there’s so much I could go on and on about but I figure my job here is supposed to be whetting the appetite, not giving you the meal💁🏾‍♀️

If you haven’t checked out my WeComics review (which I suggest you should because WeComics is an underrated gem), then you should know that unlike my BL/Yaoi reviews, I have some set “parameters” if you will that are all driven toward one thing: making y’all wanna become a #tapasfujo as well!

So, I’ll be highlighting some core elements and then give my overall verdict. For Tapas I’ll:

  1. Highlight the apps features
  2. Show what’s in my library/what I recommend
  3. How to navigate mature vs All ages
  4. Ink!

Tapas App Features

One of the benefits to Tapas is their app’s ability to support reading Mature comics! I’ll get more into the “how” later, but it’s one of the reasons I prefer/like them over other similar quality apps.

However, we all know things aren’t perfect. Tapas’s one fatal flaw (it seems), is that no matter how many times they update it, it’s glitchy. Either the home screen doesn’t show at all, no matter how many times you close out/restart the app (and sometimes phone) or the home screen does load… but five minute later. Additionally, when the home screen is wigging out, so do your account details. And like any scatterbrained Fujo, I freak out every time because if I can’t remember character’s names how am I supposed to remember titles like The Secret Tales of a 30-Year-Old Gay Bachelor (HIGHLY recommend).

Eventually the app sorts itself out, restoring my reads, history, ink etc. Though this glitchy start up issue also applies to new chapter updates for paid comics— I’ll click on said notification to a blank screen. Usually I just have to click back and then find the story again in my library, which isn’t the worse thing, but y’know💁🏾‍♀️

Once the Tapas home screen and such is done glitching, you see a view somewhat like these screenshots.

You’ll see at the top the featured comics for that day/hour—usually these aren’t based off what you’re subscribed to, but if you scroll down you’ll see suggested comics/novels.

Also at the bottom of the screen you have your main menu where you cant toggle from ‘Home,’ ‘Comics Feed,’ ‘Library,’ ‘Inbox,’ and ‘More.’

From the home screen you can also filter your search for comics or novels, and within those two broad categories, you can also search by type of comic/novel as well as ‘free’ vs ‘premium’!

Comics Feed: Tapas lines up a “feed” of comics curated from their site/app with little previews to pique your interest. Updated daily.

Library: Where all the comics/novels you bookmark go! As I did with the WeComics review, I’ve included my library and marked series I’ve read/actively reading, as well as the ones that are FREE to read. I’ve added some peppers and hearts to indicate the spicy level and my favorite of favorites! If you’ve read some of these titles let’s squeal together on the TL! And if there are any here that are now completed and y’all want me to review, let me know🤗

My Library

Also there’s a subsection of the library for “free episodes” which you can find in your inbox (Inbox below) as well as ‘wait for free’ comics/novels. These are novels/comics that once a week you get a free “ticket” to unlock an episode, FREE of charge!

Inbox: Where you can find nice little things like the Tapas Fortune Cookie! If you didn’t know, since it is a relatively new feature, every week on Mondays you can claim a Tapas Fortune cookie for some FREE ink! You’ll also find under the ‘Gifts’ tab of your inbox “tickets” that allow you to unlock one episode of the suggested comics free! Sometimes, hot reads from your library will have a free episode, so make sure to check weekly!

For Messages, it’s usually announcements from Tapas about series releases/season finales, sales (and we all know I love a good sale💅🏾). Activity is where you can see notifications from creators of the series you’ve subscribed to.

The More tab is where you’ll find everything else! That includes your user profile, promotions through the tapas app and/or website, and of course, where to buy ink! Like in my previous app review I’ll break down cost and all the ways you can get ink, but I wanna highlight a part of the Tapas experience though annoying, makes it one of my favorite comics apps.

How to Access Mature Premium Comics

Censorship is a beach, especially in the App store/Google Play store. It prevents apps like Tapas, Lezhin, Toomics, TappyToon, etc. from having their mature comics searchable through the app. But as I said before, unlike these other apps, there’s a work around😈

If you open your mobile/web browser and go to the Tapas website, you’ll see the mobile home page with the menu at the top, including the coveted ‘Mature’ tab. Once in the Mature section, you’ll see all mature comics that Tapas has: BL, GL, you name it!

Once you subscribe to the mature version of the comic, it’ll show up not only in the web version of your library, but also in your Tapas app library! And you’ll now it’s the mature version because it’ll have mature in parentheses next to the title (see my library photos as reference). Happy reading💦

Ink, Ink, and More Ink!

With more and more activity on certain websites👁, I think it’s more important than ever to emphasize that paying for coins, ink, tickets, etc. can be affordable, for even those that don’t have extra funds.

When you first click on the ‘More’ menu, there’s the Ink Shop tab where you will then see the prices for different size ink bundles.

On Tapas, the way episodes/chapters are unlocked is through the use of ink. On average, premium comics/novels are 150-400 ink per episode/chapter (still waiting to be able to unlock more than one episode/chapter at once, looking at you Tapas team). Below I’ve done a prize breakdown between similar apps/websites.

Lezhin3 coins~ 0.75 USD
Tapas350 ink~ 0.45 USD
WeComics15 coins~ 1.50 USD
Chapter/episode break down. I am not including TappyToon or other sites/apps for simplicity sake. Now y’all see see why I like Tapas the most at the moment.

So, if you do a little math, even the cheapest of the ink bundles can get you 4-5 chapters which, when comparing to the smallest bundles on other mentioned sites you don’t get nearly as much mileage. Also, Tapas offers in the mobile app 1-Tap unlock, which means with a simple click/swipe of your finger your can unlock the next chapter as your reading. The benefit? You unlock all chapters after you turn this feature on discounted😎

I also previously mentioned all the chances to get FREE episodes for series as well as the weekly Monday fortune cookie for free ink which, kudos to Tapas for giving us pretty painless ways to get free ink. But the freebies don’t stop there!

If you’re unable to afford that ink bundle you need, you can click the ‘Earn’ tab and there are several ways that Tapas has given readers to earn some free ink.

For completing offers, they’re a little more involvement, but you can get mega ink if you’re up to the task, lol. Surveys are not as high maintenance as offers, but longer surveys take up time. Though, the payout is usually worth it. Most importantly is ads. You get a set number/hour and it’s as easy as putting an ad on and going about your business as it plays out. Inviting friends (as I’ve done in this review😘) is also an option for some free ink!

So, all in all, I LOVE Tapas! As you can see, my library is a mile long and I’ve only made a small dent, so be on the look out for more screenshots and random ‘squeeeee’ tweets! Let’s support the creators we love so much and that bring us such quality stories by giving them all the ink we can, and respecting them by not reposting to other sites. And of course, hopefully you’ll now join me in being a #tapasfujo💕

Rating: 9.5/10.0

3 thoughts on “Tapas: Why I’m a #tapasfujo

  1. alsmangablog says:

    I’ve been getting more into Tapas lately and I agree that it’s a great site. I’ve mostly been reading shojo isekai stories so far, do you have any BL recommendations for titles that are on Tapas?


    1. FujoshiTings says:

      The titles that I’d recommend are the ones that have the hearts in the screenshots of my library🤗 But, if you’re looking for fluff The Tales of a 30-Year Bachelor is good! I’d you’re looking for some spice Dirty Vibration and The Unquenchable Mr. Kim (vampires too) are great reads! If you’re looking for a good novel, The Golden Rule I just finished and really enjoyed!!

      Liked by 1 person

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