Manhua App Review: WeComics— growing service yet few users?

Happy Thursday everyone!

As I said in last week’s post, new personal blog updates are now on Thursdays! I almost skipped this week due to a variety of things, but I want to attempt to start off on the right foot.

I tweeted about WeComics a few months ago, and if you look at the review thread, you’ll see I rated it as slightly below average. Well, WeComics has since made leaps and bounds in their service and expanding their library, especially their BL library. As such, I’ve been wanting to review them again to highlight these changes and try and convince more people to read their manhuas! My goal with today’s post is to

  1. Highlight the apps features
  2. Show what’s in my library/what I recommend
  3. Generate support for this up and coming website

(this time screenshots will be embedded as I point things out, with helpful ((I hope)) arrows/circles to orient you)

WeComics App Features

So below you’ll see a few screenshots taken from when I open the app. Recently, WeComics has added “Daily Deals” upon log-in where based off your general preferences two titles are discounted just for you. Sadly, today’s was not BL but the past three days has included at least one BL title.

Like any manhwa/manhua app, you have a home page where you see top or highlighted titles advertised, recent searches/reads, and a menu to further narrow your search or expand your horizons with new discoveries. You can navigate to a more targeted search with the bottom menu bar, along with accessing your library and personal profile.

I usually like to explore through genre because as many of you know, I only read BL🌚 However, I’ve also circled the other exploratory options like looking for completely free titles. You can also toggle to the “Discovery” tab which shows the daily discovery comics of the day, which often includes multiple genres/tags.

Once in the “Genres” tab, you can search by genre/tag and then within that genre/tag you can search by “Hottest” which means the title is highly read and/or favorited, “Time” which will show you the most recently updated titles, or by “Chapter” which will show you the longest running titles first (for those that like a good binge read😎 ).

You’ll see going forward that some titles have emojis on them— rather than do mini-reviews of the titles I’ve read or am reading, like the emoji queen I am, I’ve decided to use them instead:

🌟Title is in my favorites (either reading/unread)
💝My “like” of the title; more of these indicates the “level” of like
🌶(Shoutout to Futekiya) How spicy/hot the title is*
*Disclaimer: WeComics like WebComics doesn’t have explicit comics, but there are quite a few squishy moments for some of these titles, so don’t be discouraged if you like seeing lightsabers lol

After clicking my fave tab (or whatever tab you choose), it’ll by default, rank the hottest titles in that genre/tag. I put arrows next to the genres because there are quite a few! I also keep calling them tags because the genres function as such where one title can fall under (three max I think) genres/tags. As you may also see, there’s a title that was on other licensing apps/sites as well which brings me to: there are a few Lezhin titles on this app so I encourage those that might find Lezhin a little much, look to see if the title can be found on WeComics! (For example, not pictured, Spun Together, one of the newer titles on Lezhin can be found on WeComics!) I’ll get into pricing but I’m sure you’re now all curious to know: what are the titles in my library/”Favorites.”

What’s in FujoshiTings WeComics Library

So to get to your library/”Favorties”, you just click the icon I circled to find all your favorited titles. As you can see I have quite a few, not all of which have been read(😅 ). I’ve also circled the “History” tab and “Downloads” tab. You’re able to see your reading history in the former tab, even if those comics weren’t in your library (we all shop around without committing😉 ), which can be helpful if you’re like me and forget to favorite things you pick up randomly at 1 AM. You’re also able to download all free chapters along with the ones that you’ve purchased either through shells or coins (more on this in a second) through the “Downloads” tab.

As you can see, the last few titles are some that I really enjoyed and can’t wait to review, but two of them are still ongoing (I’ve tweeted about them before btw😘 ). At the end of this highlight blog post I have another surprise so look forward to that!

And now to the serious stuff…


When you click to the “Me” tab, it’ll take you to your user profile where you can see how many coins and shells you have, along with access to your “Inbox,” which I reproduced here. “Settings” which takes you to general settings with additional options as well as “Log Out” and “Delete Account.” “Messages” are based off comments left on titles—e.g replies, etc. and “Notifications” come from WeComics developers.

I didn’t highlight it with a separate photo, but the “Auto-pay Comics” holds all the titles that you’ve turned on auto-unlock for. What this means is, every new chapter/episode you’ll be charged the coin amount for that chapter automatically. (I personally only have one series under this tab but more the merrier!)


So as you’ve noticed by now, there are two “currencies” for WeComics: coins and shells. The screenshots below highlight the important features of these two currencies but I’ll give a rundown as well.

For Shells

These are free, yes that’s right, FREE! All you have to do? Daily check-in! From the “Me” page you can see your Shells balance and in the upper righthand corner, I circled the “Get Free Shells.” Once you click that, it takes you to the daily check-in menu. I highlighted the important bits but for each day you check in, you get an increasing amount of shells until you reach day seven with the max shells. Then you start over.

For Coins

As above, like your standard manhwa/manhua app you have coin bundles you can buy. The larger the bundle, the more bonus coins you get!

The Defense

So as the title of this post suggests, WeComics is quickly and steadily growing its catalogue of not just BL, but all genres. Specifically for BL though since my initial review of WeComics a while back, the titles have grown in number faster than I anticipated! Rather than just scrolling through a dozen titles, there’s so many more and it doesn’t show signs of stopping! And as I mentioned previously, there are a few anticipated series on this app as well as having some titles other apps/sites have, but for a better deal (imo).

I also love the two currency system though I will talk about slight pet peeves in the next “section.” But I’m talking positives now. I guess before I get into the nitty gritty I should say that unlike some of our other favorite (and not so favorite) manhwa/manhua apps, WeComics offers a good portion of each title free to read and download! The longer the title, the more free chapters to read. Anyway, for shells, you might be thinking they’re not that great etc. but here’s some cool facts

  1. You get some everyday for simply checking in. All you have to do is click. No reading on the app for X amount of minutes. You get a set amount depending on the day of check-in you’re on.
  2. You can get additional shells by watching a number of ads— the number you’re able to watch changes every day so sometimes it might be three, other days one, on another day five…
  3. Most chapters can be unlocked with shells, but more recent chapters are coin unlock only, but for a limited time. Eventually those chapters are able to be bought by by shells (more on this below).
  4. On average, chapters range from 150 to 250 shells per chapter/episode which isn’t too bad seeing as they’re free and stack and last (though subjective).

For coins, what I really love is it becomes apparent the deal you’re getting for the coin bundles:

1 coin = 1 cent, 0.01 USD

5 coins = 5 cents, 0.05 USD

If you’re not someone who’s into doing math I’ll give you a comparison

For Lezin: 5 coins = 99 cents, 0.99 USD

Something else that I love about WeComics: you can bulk buy chapters! I know many of us were annoyed when a certain site removed this feature (and I personally find it annoying you can’t bulk buy on Tapas), so this feature is enough to bump WeComics up on my list of BL reading apps (not above Tapas ((PROMO CODE; KATZ534A for first time users😘 to get 200 bonus ink)) though🌚 ).


The Prosecution

I only have three major complaints, though there are minor grievances within these complaints.

  1. Shells expire in one week.

Yes, you read that right. From the day you get those free shells, you have seven days to spend them or they expire. Now this would be annoying (and is annoying) under any circumstance. What really grinds my gears about this though, is it wasn’t this way before. Previously, shells expired sure, but after a month!

That being said, if you look at the screenshot of the shells screen, you are given a three day notice for how many shells will expire at the end of the three day period. And while you can’t bulk unlock with shells (minor grievance), you can simply click through however many chapters/episodes until you run out the expiring shells (and though they expire in a week, once you’ve unlocked a chapter with them, they remain unlocked).

This is a part of WeComics new “fast pass” system which I think is in part to encourage more coin sales (but like I said, the coin bundles are kinder on your wallet). The “fast pass” system is what I was referring to earlier where latest chapters are unlocked through coins only. For each title, you’ll be told on the summary page how many episodes are under “fast pass;” usually it’s no more than five from my experience.

Which brings me to the cost of chapters. I will say that though coin bundles are cheaper, and you get bonus coins for buying larger bundles, chapters tend to be more expensive than when comparing to Lezhin or other apps. Chapters range from 10-25 coins ( 1 USD – 2.50 USD). So, if we do some comparing for one chapter (on average for WeComics and Tapas since they can differ):

Lezhin3 coins~ 0.75 USD
Tapas350 ink~ 0.45 USD
WeComics15 coins~ 1.50 USD
I am not including TappyToon or other sites/apps for simplicity sake. But I’ll also say this is one of the reasons why I like Tapas the most at the moment.

So, as you can see, chapters/episodes do tend to be on average more expensive on WeComics. But, depending on the series, the chapter/episode amount changes and of course free shells will unlock chapters just as much as coins can, you just can’t access “fast pass” chapters/episodes until the “fast pass” period is over. And since getting/reading WeComics I’ve only bought the 5.99 bundle twice (over a five-six month period). So do with that what you will!

My last major complaint is that for some of the comics the grammar, as a native English speaker, isn’t always up to snuff. But not so bad that I can’t understand/enjoy the scene. It’s still slightly annoying. However, my hope is that as they get bigger and bigger and reach larger audiences, they put more effort into correcting grammar.

New Rating: 7.5/10.0

Now sitting at a cool average because that prosecution was tough, but at the same time I’ve enjoyed just about every comic I’ve picked up on this app (unlike others), and they seem to be driven in their efforts to listen to readers and artists with the creation of their Discord, open to all users.

(Surprise) Squishy Time!

Song credit: Out of my Heart— BBMak

*please do not repost, I will find out and I will not be happy*



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