Changes Afoot: Schedule Update

Has it really been another week? I can honestly say that time is still wacky for me, even though I’m getting back to a productive schedule. It’s definitely difficult not having the break up of going to a lab for work. I’m an extremely lazy person so it’s hard to resist the voice in my head that calls me away from my research and to the land of men boinking each other (ditto to getting everything ready for reviews😅 ).

I have a lot of little deadlines coming up, some self-imposed and others work-related. Knowing this, I started pre-planning as I mentioned in a previous post. However, I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who’s going through some changes!

I like to interact with my followers (even if y’all choose to ignore me🌝 ), and noticed that the days and times for engagement seem to be shifting. So, I want to shift my posting schedule in accordance to what (I think) I’m seeing. Additionally, this change will allow me to make the most of my week both for my BL passion, and my work passion.

For my personal blog posts (like this one), the new schedule will be for Thursdays! While not at the beginning of the week traditionally, it’ll serve as the “beginning” of the week for BL-related content for me.

My blog reviews will be posted on Fridays! I figure it’s a nice way to round out a work/school week to lead into the weekend.

If you have feedback on these proposed days, please leave a comment below! Additionally, if you have a time range for these dates where you’re more active online, leave that suggestion as well💋

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