To All the Manga I’ve Read Before: The embarrassing (yet impressive) list of BL manga I’ve read and/or am reading, but have YET to review

So as the title says, this post will have all the BL manga/manhwas/comics that I’ve read/completed or am reading that’s an ongoing series (this list still won’t have everything I’m reading because I’m somewhat actively tweeting about those series as I read them). If the title is not licensed, I’ll indicate it with an asterisk(*).

(Also, I mean impressive by the standards of my becoming a full blown fujoshi about a year agoπŸ’‹ )

Read Reading

Lovers in the Nightβ€” YOSHINAGA Fumi
Aki-chan is the Super Erotic Madonna for Guysβ€” KABANO Sakadachi
Anti-Platonicβ€”ORISHIMA Yupopo
Blue Sky Warsβ€” Tsutomu
Behind the Desksβ€” EVY, Day7
BJ Alexβ€” Mingwa (still reading the side-story)
Blue! Blue! Blue!*β€” Amamiya
I’ve Seen It Allβ€” TAKAKU Shouko
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You!β€” Team Manna
Cry for Me*β€” Yan Jiu
A House Near the Station with A Wizardβ€” IMAI Yuumi
Alice in Adultlandβ€” Gorebyeol
Escape into Oblivionβ€” Gawee
Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan*β€” Hua Xiang Gong Zuo Shi, Yu Ci From Points of Threeβ€” Huin Gwi
New Beginningsβ€” YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
First Love Encounterβ€” NANATSUNO Wataru
Don’t Be Cruelβ€” NEKOTA Yonezou
Home Alone Togetherβ€” Shin Yuri
Love Only Youβ€” KANDA Neko
A Waltz in the Clinicβ€” TATENO Makoto
If I Hadn’t Fallen in Love With Youβ€” Suji
Kiss My Bloodβ€” UMINO Sachi (ζ΅·ι‡Žγ‚΅γƒ)
Koi ni Nare!*β€” ITSUKI Kaname
Love for a Thousand-Year Slackerβ€” MIZUHARA Zakuro
Liquor & Cigaretteβ€” ZARIYA Ranmaru
Love Is An Illusionβ€” Fargo (still reading the side story)
Lover Boyβ€” Jeky (α„Œα…¦α„α…³)
Mad Cinderella**β€” YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
Mad Venus & My Honeyβ€” KOBORI Kimiko
Make Me Barkβ€” Sagold
Megumi to Tsugumi*β€” SI Mitsuru
Good Day to Go Crazyβ€” Yusa
Tie Me, Unravel Me, Kiss Meβ€” MITSUKI Emi
Not a Sugar Daddy*β€” Pyapya
Path to Youβ€” Sinran
Crazy Fruitsβ€” Akabeko
Replayβ€” TSUKAHARA Saki
Room to Roomβ€” Lee Aru
Seven Daysβ€” TAKARAI Rihito, TACHIBANA Venio
Stained with Snow White’s Poisonβ€” HITA Shippu
The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheeseβ€” MIZUSHIRO Setona
Suki de Gomen*β€” OKAMOTO Satoru
The Man of Tangoβ€” OKADAYA Tetuzoh
Ten Countβ€” TAKARAI Rihito
Boring Ninomiya-Sanβ€” HIRAMA Mitsunaga
Love Me Sinfullyβ€” TENNOUJI Mio
Umibe no Étrangerβ€” KII Kanna
The Perfect Comboβ€” OKETSU Fumio
Yasashii Pantsu no Nugasekata*β€”MASAKI Maki
You’re My Sex Starβ€” NARIHIRA Kojiro
Young Bad Educationβ€” Dayoo
Unromantic*β€” Mum

19 Days*β€” Old Xian, Mosspaca Studio
Acid Town*β€” Kyuugou
Circle*β€” WANG Zi Ying
Escape Journeyβ€” OGERETSU Tanaka
Only the Flower Knows***β€” TAKARAI Rihito
Here U Are*β€” D. Jun
One-Sided Love Paradiseβ€” KOIDE Mieko
My Fickle Jaguarβ€” Unohana
Kimi to Kore kara*β€” YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
King’s Makerβ€” Haga, KANG Ji Young
How to Kill a Heartβ€” Kashio
Omairi Desu yo*β€” YAMAMOTO Kotetsuko
Sex Pistolsβ€” KOTOBUKI Tarako
Sign Languageβ€” Ker
Starting With a Lie*β€” Liang Azha
The Best Smell*β€”LEE Man-Se
Too Close*β€” JiJing Jun, Shou
Walk on Waterβ€” JANG Mokdan, JAXX

**Only volume 1 is licensed, and there are five total in the series

***Only volume 1 is licensed, and there are three total in the series

So yeah, there y’all goπŸ€— As I said, my actual reading list is about 30 titles long, in addition to the titles I’ve labeled as reading here (I’m a bit of a scatterbrain and can’t focus on one thing for too long/ I like to read more than one thing at once)! If you see any read titles that you want me to review sooner rather than later, let me know by commenting below! Also, feel free to comment on the tweet highlighting this blog post😊

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